Chapter 30

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The days gone by so quickly. Sana heavily breathed and pulled out the remaining documents she needed to read and placed her signature on. She barely had sleep for the past days picturing Tzuyu in her head. Well, the surgeon skipped her meals too, drowning herself with a bunch of paper works in her office. Now, her head was aching and she couldn't even understand a thing written on the paper she's holding.

The Annual Conference On Surgery and Anesthesia will be held tonight and that means there's a possibility Sana would encounter Tzuyu again. The surgeon did not know how to put her feelings into words but what she was sure of was that, she's scared to face her. She feared to see sadness, pain and madness in Tzuyu's orbs because that was her doing. And though she regret nothing, she knew having a glimpse of the woman she loves will also tear her to pieces.

Sana massaged her temples and blinked a couple of times to somehow relieve the aching she was feeling in her head. Until she heard a knock, coming from Jihyo .

"You look awful." The nurse commented as she walked her way near Sana. It was obvious the surgeon had no sleep, she looked pale too and gotten a little skinny despite a few days they failed to see each other.

"What's up with you Dr. Minatozaki? You look like a mess, you know you exhaust yourself too much." Jihyo sat in front Sana's desk and began to ogle with Sana's business. When the nurse read the documents she snatched it all at once then shook her head.

"How are you feeling? You look like you're about to get sick." Jihyo asked, deeply worried with Sana's current state.

Sana closed her eyes briefly and massaged her temples once again "My head's aching." She retorted.

Jihyo sighed and stopped herself to reprimand Sana, she knew the latter doesn't need her nagging at this moment. "I'll go get you Tylenol and something to eat but promise me you'll take a break even just for a few hours."

The nurse left Sana with no choice but to obey her command. So Sana obediently chewed her sandwich Jihyo bought, chugged a bottle of water and took the Tylenol. The nurse on the other hand was watching her intently, making sure she would eat and take her med.

"I'm not a child Jihyo I can manage, you could go." Sana pouts.

Jihyo laughed and stood up. "Take a break arasso? Maybe Hyunnie is done with her rounds now. We'll drop by at her house so she can change her clothes then drive straight to the airport and wait for Tae's arrival."

"Who's driving?" Sana stood up too, grabbed her phone and straightened her skirt.

"Well, me. I filed for a leave today and brought my car with me. Seolhyun unnie will nag me to drive for her I'm sure."

"Drive safe then. Call me once you have Tae with you or if the three of you could still attend the event." Sana spoke as she smiled, her aching head began to subside.

"We really wish to attend Sana, I just hope traffic will let us arrive early."

"Yeah, I hope too." Sana muttered as she thought she needed her friends' company tonight, if the two of them would meet again.


Tzuyu fumbled with her phone, as she literally opened every app on it. She was growing impatient waiting for her flight to be called and the idiot beside her obviously making her day a lot worse.

The thing was that her mom did not make it with her, instead he got this nosy and ear-splitting Bambam. Tzuyu did not know how much more she can put up with this friend of hers. As a matter of fact she did not also know why she's friends with him in the first place.

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