Chapter 10

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Sana clearly heard Tzuyu. That's the reason why her heart fluttered and butterflies seemed to flock inside her stomach. As problematic as she can be, the doctor faced the window pretending not to hear anything. She opened her bag, rummaged through her things and grabbed her earphones. Sana puts it in her ears and randomly select a song in her playlist.

She was confused why the hell Tzuyu had to be extra caring to her. Back in the resto she just did not want to drink because she doesn't feel like drinking. For her, it was her usual self, doing what she wants and not pleasing anyone. By now she should be mad at Tzuyu for meddling in her business every now and then but she did not feel even close to being irritated with the young one. She felt rather important because for a long time Tzuyu was the only person to make Sana feel how satisfying it is to be important.

But then here she is again silently whispering a prayer that the intern would stop trying to get close to her. And that Tzuyu would also stop looking out for her and worrying too much for her. Even thou she made up her mind that she will stay away from Tzuyu, the young one kept on making ways towards her. It results to Sana questioning herself how long can she prevent herself from ignoring the persistent intern.

As Sana leaned her head on the window beside her, she was completely not aware that a pair of brown round eyes was intently watching her. Despite the fact that the doctor is still ignoring Tzuyu.

Tzuyu's POV

For hours Sana fell into a deep sleep. Her head leaning on the window. While I was next to her managing to stave off the urge to leave no space between us.

As the van neared a small village, nurses began to wake everyone up. Hyunnie who was behind me said that we have arrived.

Dr. Kang left the van first to check the area and greet patients. When the organizers of the village assured the doctor that everything was prepared, Dr. Kang came back to inform us that we should come down and line up to start the medical mission.

The team excitedly stepped out of the van. But here I am problematic with my supposed to be partner today. Apparently this cute sunbae of mine was still in a slumber, snoring preciously.

"Hey Tzuyu! Wake her up, no one can but you. Goodluck!" Seolhyun teased before exiting with Jihyo.

I shooed them away and stared at the doctor. The two of us were the only ones left in the van.

I scooted closer to her, triumphantly smiling at how close we are.

"You seem very harmless when you're sleeping sunbae." I lift my hand, tucked the loose strands of her hair in her ear.

Why do you keep on ignoring me? Huh sunbae? Does my presence brings you nothing but irritation?

Just simply watching her sleep makes my heart leap. What's with my heart these days?

"Yah Sunbae stop ignoring me will you? I m-miss you." I stuttered.

What did I just say? I'm being pathetic again. I shook my head but notice droplets of sweat forming on her forehead. Since everyone left, the air-condition of the van was turned off.

I stretched my arms reaching for her face with my handkerchief in hand. I gently wiped off the sweat on her forehead.

As I continued to do that I couldn't help but be awed by the beauty of this lady. Her dumpling cheeks grew pink with the sudden rise in temperature. Why did I not notice her chubby cheeks before? Maybe her eyes fascinated me that much.

Then her red plump lips that attracts me lingers my mind causing me to stare for a lot longer. The doctor keeps on bugging me with constant indescribable feelings.

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