Chapter 12

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Tzuyu's POV

I woke up feeling radiant and extra energetic. Last night was definitely memorable. I will never forget the doctor's dumpling cute cheeks. The mere thought of Sana's blush excites me to see her every waking day.

I stood up from my bed and picked up my buzzing phone. The first thing I saw was a message from Jihyo. The peach haired nurse informed me that I should hurry and come down at the hotel's resto to have a breakfast with them. I checked the time and it says that the message was sent a few minutes ago. I quickly typed in my reply to the nurse saying that I will come down a bit after I take a bath.

With that I made my bed and randomly picked casual clothes from my suitcase. Then I entered the luxurious bathroom of the room I'm occupying.

After I took a quick bath, I changed into a clean and comfy clothes which by the way is a pair of ripped jeans matching my favorite Metallica oversized shirt with biker boots on my feet. Lastly,  I grabbed my bag and locked the door ready to head down the building.

While walking at the hallway I was suddenly curious if Sunbae was with them. But then the Sana I know is definitely not that friendly.

I turned my feet and trailed my way to her room. Sana's room was a couple of rooms away from mine but in the same floor.

Arriving at her door step, I knocked twice. Knocked again twice and again and again...Until I grew impatient with my supervisor.

I was literally waiting for like 15 minutes but the doctor was not answering. I crossed my arms and decided to come down alone. Where in the world is she?

When I showed up at the ground floor, hotel staffs immediately smiled at me and muttered that Deojun Hospital Team is having a meal at their resto. I thanked them and headed to the said place. Getting in, I promptly roam my eyes searching for a specific doctor with feline eyes. Sana is nowhere to be found. I adamantly paced forward near a long table.

Seolhyun glanced up at me, gestured an empty seat beside her. I oblige.

"You look bothered as usual Chewy, what's the matter this time?" She asked.

I placed my arm above the table, elbows first and rested my chin at the back of my palm.

"Its just that I have no appetite to eat." I lied, shrugging afterwards.

We then saw Jihyo heading to our table holding a platter of food. The peach haired nurse looked engrossed and partly amazed on the variety of food the buffet had.

Hyunnie and I exchanged looks, laughing at Jihyo. "I guess she's in the mood to eat." I commented.

"She's always in the mood to eat mind you." Hyunnie countered and continued to laugh.

As Jihyo sat on her seat she noticed us laughing. "Wae? Why were you both laughing?" She asked.

Hyunnie nudged me then we both shrugged at the curious nurse.

"I'll have my coffee for a minute." I headed to a near coffee maker and picked up a black tall mug.

I added a little bit of sugar and cream then walk back to my seat. I placed my coffee on top of the table. As I relaxed my back, my mind started to drift off somewhere, wandering where the doctor could be.

Jihyo who was happily munching her pile of food asked me. "You seem bothered as usual Tzuyu, what's the matter this time?"

"Nothing." I shortly replied.

"We will just assume Jihyo that her nothing pertains to Sana Minatozaki." Hyunnie teased earning a laugh from the peach haired nurse.

I glared at the both of them. These two constantly teases me every damn time.

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