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Blackpink × Twice Group Chat by kpopblackpink23
Blackpink × Twice Group Chatby BP
BP and Twice being best friends
maybe someday » satzu (completed) by thinkingaboutzu
maybe someday » satzu (completed)by emi ♡
tzuyu and nayeon were in a relationship for almost two and a half years. everything in their relationship was magical until she found out about nayeon's secrets that led...
Expect the Unexpected (SaTzu AU) [✔] by ladycadillac
Expect the Unexpected (SaTzu AU) [ iry
Taking a risk just to win the heart of someone you've been loving is not easy. Are you ready enough to Expect the Unexpected story of SaTzu Note: This story is now fully...
 The popular girl is my lover while I am a loner (SATZU) by Katsuyosei
The popular girl is my lover Katsuyosei
Tzuyu and Sana's secret love at school.
I'm Here by PenguCubby
I'm Hereby PenguCubby
Have you experienced a very traumatizing event that affected your life? This a question by the way. Also I don't know what to write in the story description so read it...
Mistakes and Regrets [Completed]  by Myouispeng
Mistakes and Regrets [Completed] by Kedi Kwon
Sana's been cheating on Tzuyu. Tzuyu knew it but still decided to keep loving Sana. But once she was slapped with the reality, she chose to let go. She let go once Sana...
Met Her Through Omegle || Michaeng ✔ by choujoohee
Met Her Through Omegle || 🐰
It started with a simple "Hello". A Michaeng Adaptation Credits to the author: @WhileATeen
My Final Piece | JeongMiChaeng by ZuiMisanamo
My Final Piece | JeongMiChaengby ZuiMisanamo
A JeongMiChaeng Story: Fate vs Destiny /fāt/ & /ˈdestinē/ (Fate is that which you cannot change, while Destiny holds the element of choice.. but both- are predetermin...
I choose to Fall (Satzu)[COMPLETE] by capturesatzu
I choose to Fall (Satzu)[COMPLETE]by capturesatzu
"I'm sorry, but it's not my fault that I fell for her. I just know what I feel for her. And I choose to Fall." It is all based to Clingymonkey's Taking the Fal...
A story of a carefree girl with a rare heart condition meeting a arrogant doctor that will both change there life. With SaTzu, MiChaeng, DahMo, God Jihyo and 2Yeon.
She's a Princess ∥SaTzu ∥ [COMPLETED] by forsatzuonly
She's a Princess ∥SaTzu ∥ [ pao
When Tzuyu fell for an anti social girl not knowing she's a princess. - Highest rank: #1 sapphire #1 satzu
Million Dollar Girls | MiChaeng, SaTzu, DahMo by Wolflover111344
Million Dollar Girls | MiChaeng, 🍓🐯🍓
Chaeyoung, a million dollar girl who is friends with Tzuyu and Dahyun who are also rich as her, Chae is sick and tired of girls flocking over her. Then she stumbles int...
"Pleasure" Satzu ||COMPLETED|| by TZJJANG_CHOU
"Pleasure" Satzu ||COMPLETED||by CHAEYUNIE
Warning!!! Gender bend alert!! Read on your own risk and please if you're still innocent like me read this because this is so interesting and to those who are not, you'...
Protecting The Heiress (Book 1) by DeltaTzuyu
Protecting The Heiress (Book 1)by dt
This story is not mine and all credits must go to the amazing author, JLJENLISA for creating this masterpiece. Thank you authornim for giving me the opportunity to share...
GETAWAY CAR //SATZU//by SaTzu Stories
Sana is a runway model, actress and singer. She's dating a notorious mob leader Chou Tzuyu known as Ziyu. After years of dating, Sana started asking herself why she's da...
Vandetta's End by HARRY_279
Vandetta's Endby HOORIA RANA
Jennie, Sana, and Irene are the epitome of perfection and beauty, living the life they have always wanted with their loving father Jay. The bond that the sisters' share...
Yes, We're Troubles by yotzudachou
Yes, We're Troublesby 🚂tzuchouu💨
"Yah!!" "Who are they?" "Oh they're the troublemakers" "That was Yoo, Son, and Chou" × Romantic Comedy - SATZU - 2YEON - MICHAENG
Whirlworld of Michaeng by Theofrance
Whirlworld of Michaengby Theofrance
A bunch of Michaeng one shots that just pop in my imagination, Hope you like it!! Bunch of strong words so bewareee. Cover Photo and Photos in the story are not mine so...
Therefore, You and Me by jensoopresident
Therefore, You and Meby jj
Jisoo and her friends are the biggest trouble at YG according to Jennie. Unlucky for Jennie, her friends can't seem to avoid them. A little misunderstanding makes it tha...
Twice oneshots by Dubu56
Twice oneshotsby Dubu56
Twice oneshots about the crazy lives of the twice members. Chapters will feature most or all of the members. Will also feature different twice ships (I will take any req...