Chapter 28

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Sana made her way out her parents' mausoleum with a faint smile painted on her lips. The years had gone by so felt like her down days was just yesterday. The surgeon sighed and let the memories of the last five years slip couple of hours.

"To where are we heading Hyunnie?" Sana approached Seolhyun who was busy fumbling with her phone.

"I want chicken and beer." The head nurse retorted in which Sana chuckled "Yeah right, we would always go with that combination when I'm with you. By the way, where in the world is Ji?"

The three of them were always each other's company, there were times when Tae would be in the frame too but sadly her ex-husband was currently out of the country.

Sana and Tae were married for a year but after the Chairman was diagnosed with lung cancer, Sana made a choice to give up the marriage they've been trying hard to workout to take care of her dying father. She also realized that their marriage has no point, her father was the only one who desired the two of them to be married. And perhaps she doesn't want Tae to suffer in the kind of relationship she could offer, at least the two of them became best of friends.

Sana was more than thankful to Tae because firstly if the man was not around she'll be sure she's stuck with her father's company which she doesn't want to be involve with.

"As usual, the most pretty lady is late!" Seolhyun sneered as she remembered Jihyo. "I'll give her a call again and tell her we will be waiting at the resto."

The surgeon nodded then reached for the car's door. They settled to eat at a nearby chicken resto they love or must she say Seolhyun loves. The head nurse was literally obsessed with chicken. Sana could remember days when Seolhyun and Jihyo would always barge in the Minatozaki's mansion with chicken wings and beer in hand. The two would make her eat, make her walk out of her dark room despite her bitchy attitude. Seolhyun and Jihyo became her escape when she felt like the word was against her.
Especially when the one she truly needed was nowhere to be found...

But then again she made her leave and walk away. In the last six years that passed, there was no single day the blonde didn't bug her mind...and her heart.

Sana kept thinking of a thousand what ifs. Including the opposite of the choice she made.

What if she made her stay? What if they were still together till now?

Yet, it was only what ifs and this is the reality. Perhaps the blonde found her life-long partner that can promise her eternal love.

"Yah! Sana! Are you even listening?" Seolhyun snapped. "Come on, let's go I'm starving. I'm sure Jihyo will arrive soon." The head nurse added.

The surgeon face palmed and brought her feet to move out of the car and followed Seolhyun who walked her way towards the resto. The two of them sat on a three-seater table then waited for the staff to get their orders.

"When was the last time you agreed to eat outside Sana?" Seolhyun teased. "You were always busy sitting on your chair all day."

The surgeon shook her head and asked for a glass of water. "Hyunnie I have tons of paper works. Being the president of the Hospital was no easy task. In fact, I think this is my first proper meal for the month."

"You don't have to starve yourself! Starting today I'll barge into your office to eat lunch with you." Seolhyun smiled and glared then placed their last remaining orders.

A few minutes later a slightly petite woman interrupted their conversation. She now had a long wavy golden hair, same white skin and angelic voice. "I miss a lot right?" Jihyo cheekily stated and afterwards joined the two equally gorgeous girls.

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