Chapter 9

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Naive Sana found herself blankly staring at her sched. She can't comprehend. Her heart still beating abnormally. She wished the intern would be gone.

"You are out of your mind Sana!" She muttered completely stressed.

She exactly knew this feeling will lead to trouble. For years she purposely kept her emotions and was seen to be coldhearted. How can that annoying intern make her heart skip a beat.

Sana massaged her temples, bowed her head and shut her eyes tightly. Hoping her heart would beat normally.

Sometimes she wondered if the terrible thing did not happened years ago would she let herself be transparent to anyone?

Sana promised to herself that no one can ever come close to her. She will never open her heart again, she's dreadfully afraid to let her guard down to anyone. But in just a few days with Tzuyu near her she felt like her walls is slowly going down. And now what she wants is for the intern to stay away from her.

"Dr. Minatozaki can I come in? The director is calling for a meeting." Seolhyun said knocking on her door.

She stood up, walked towards the door. Seolhyun smiled at her. "Are you okay doctor?" The head nurse asked.

Sana ignored what the nurse's asked. She stepped out of her office closing the door behind. "Is it an immediate meeting? What's the matter anyway?" She asked.

"The director did not mention anything but wants to gather all doctors of the hospital." Seolhyun replied.

Sana nodded, briefly thanked Seolhyun and headed to the board room. She wondered what the meeting will be all about.


Tzuyu's POV

I woke up late. Eyelids heavy, feeling the sun's rays against my bare skin. It seems like I missed my bed for ages.

"Ugh!" I stood up, stretched my arms and lazily stared at my reflection in the mirror.

Bags under my eyes and pale cheeks baffled me. I'm surely stressed lately but its okay, I guess I'm still cute.

I grabbed my towel to take a short bath. Planning to start this day early and spend my off duty wisely.

I smiled evilly. "You are surely cute Chewy! Sana can't resist you, don't you worry."

I headed downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Morning mom! Is dad around?" My stomach grumbled upon staring at the food on the table.

My mom turned, kissed my cheeks and settled down beside me holding her cup of tea.

"He left but he was planning to go home early for us to celebrate your first week on work." She chuckled.

I frowned "It's not necessary mom. You two know I'm not fond of fancy places. And knowing Dad he will surely reserve in a fancy resto."

"Call him then, just like you he can be persistent. Tell him we can eat here at home instead, I'll cook your favorites." Mom replied.

I can't help but smile widely, this is home afterall.


Tzuyu dragged her mom in front of their television and binge watched their favorite series. For a while she would let herself rest and forget about the cat eyed doctor who keeps on bugging her mind.

What Tzuyu did not know was that tomorrow she will be unfortunately paired up with the doctor. Regardless if the two of them were okay.

Before Tzuyu's day started, Sana had to deal with the director's command or each of the the hospital's doctors.

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