Chapter 25

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"Love, I can drive you." Tzuyu persuades Sana.

"No, love. You go home. You'll be at work tomorrow rest for now." The surgeon replied. Tzuyu's arm was still on her waist making it seem like the young one was not ready to let her go.

"I'll miss you. Even though we were together last night." Tzuyu pouts.

Sana pinched her girlfriend's cheeks and tiptoed to press a quick kiss to Tzuyu's  lips. "I'll miss you too. My shrewd intern who's MIA."

Tzuyu sheepishly grinned. "Call me when you can okay? I love youuu!"

As Sana traveled her way into the hospital Tzuyu drive home to enjoy her last free day.

Tzuyu knew something was off with Sana, the surgeon's mind was drifting on something that bothers her. She wished Sana will soon open up to her.


Tzuyu's  POV

"I assumed you dozed off at Sana's  last night." Mom spoke as she drew close to me looking displeased.

I awkwardly smiled at her after I reached to kiss her cheeks. "I forgot to text you I'll be staying the night there. But don't worry mom we can eat together today."

My mom shook her head, pinched my waist then hugged me a bit. "You sure are really in love huh?"

"Is it that too obvious?" I sheepishly grinned as we walked side by side entering the house.

"Of course! You might not want to see your eyes glimmering every time I asked you about Sana."

"Really? Well, I guess I'm too in love then." I laughed. I can feel my cheeks heat up.

"She already left to the hospital?" Mom asked.

"Yup." I answered as she pass me a bowl of rice. Breakfast in mornings was something our family always looked forward to.

"Can I ask you something Tzuyu? But you don't have to answer right away." My mom blurted, almost as if she was thinking twice.

I glanced up at her, moved my fork down. "What is it? Is there a problem mom?"

She adjusted herself on her seat, looked at me. "No, its not considered as a problem I think, but its up to you though."

"Then what is it? Tell me, I'm always willing to listen mom."

"Your dad had been wanting us to move to California." She nervously dropped the bomb.

My brows began to furrow. "Why all of a sudden?"

"No, if you don't want to its okay. He just wanted you to know that he was offered a new job at Cali. He wanted to go but as usual he considers your decision." My mom half smiled.

I pursed my lips and shrugged my shoulders. "If you both want to go mom you can, but I don't think I can come with you."

My mom nodded and reached for my hand on top the table, she squeezed it gently "I understand Tzuyu, if you want to stay here then stay. You know your happiness always comes first. You always have our support."

I stood up, embraced my mom in a tight hug. "I found her mom. I don't think I can stand not to be with her."

"I know Tzuyu. You don't have to be worried. Your dad and I understands you honey. Just take care of yourself if ever we moved to Cali alright?" She pats my head, gently pinched my waist to stop me from crying.

I have the best parents in the world and I thank God for them!


Sana was urgently assigned to the ER that day and lost the chance to tell Tzuyu about her father's plans.

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