Chapter 40

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Sana's  POV

I felt exhausted. I opened my eyes as a cuss escaped my lips. I shifted to sit and massaged my temples. What the hell did I do last night?

"Ugh!" I squealed. I immediately brought my feet to run for the bathroom because I suddenly felt like puking.

I tried hard not to trip as I reach out the bathroom door. I felt so dizzy and I think the amount of alcohol I drank last night was too much that I could literally feel like I'm bloated.

This is not good I definitely need to go to the hospital. "Hangover sucks." I muttered.

Standing up and flushing the toilet bowl, I turned the faucet on and decided to wash my face with cold running water, hoping the hangover will subside a little.

I looked at myself on the mirror and realized I'm such a mess, cheeks flushed and bags under my eyes. I slapped my forehead, mentally making a note reminding myself not to drink that much. I grabbed my toothbrush, brushed my teeth and gurgled mouthwash.

I sighed and stepped out of the bathroom. When I glanced up, a tall peach haired nurse was surprisingly giving me hard look. "Wae?" I managed to say, walking straight like I don't feel like puking again.

Jihyo glared at me and retorted "I can't believe you're still stubborn." She walked near me and pinched my waist!

"Ouch!" I cried.

She grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of my room. "You're totally hard headed Dr. Minatozaki!"

I let the nurse do what she wants until we reached the dining area. Seolhyun was also here and she prepared breakfast. I smiled, just like the old times. I missed my friends.

"I bet your head's aching." Seolhyun commented as soon as I sat at the dining table. The nurses joined me. There was a lot prepared for the three of us, I doubt we could finish it all but then Jihyo was here, nothing to worry about that.

There were eggs, bacon, pancakes, strawberries and milk. Oh God real breakfast! I excitedly got myself a spoon full of each, almost forgetting that I have an upset stomach.

"Yah! Stop!" Seolhyun shouted as she slapped my hand. I glared at her and ignored what she said. Hyunnie shook her head and walked back to the kitchen. When she arrived at the dining area, she was now holding a cup of hot tea.

"Drink this first!" She spoke, her eyes intimidating me. I chuckled as she handed me the cup. Seolhyun jokingly slapped my cheek then sat beside me. "Don't laugh and eat, we are late Sana."

"Arasso arasso" I answered nodding my head and smiling widely to annoy her. Seolhyun arched her brow and hissed at me, while the other nurse seating at the opposite side of the table was already busy enjoying her food.

I sipped my tea, letting the warmth embrace my whole system. It was not long enough when I felt the chaos inside my stomach settled down. The alcohol's effect seemed to subside. I decided to fill my hunger with Seolhyun's cooking, but not until the two joined forces to bully me.

"Sana do you remember what you did last night?" Jihyo asked.

I curiously stared at her and forced myself to reminisce last night's scenario. I tried hard to remember! Yet I failed. The only thing I recalled was that I was too jealous with Tzuyu and Mary that I thought drowning myself with alcohol could make me forget what I saw.

"I think she doesn't remember any." Seolhyun commented.

"Did I do something horrible?" I asked eagerly. I felt like I did something I shouldn't have done and I felt bad because I wasn't sober that time.

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