Chapter 3

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Tzuyu along with Jihyo walked around the hospital. The latter precisely informed Tzuyu of the facts about the hospital.

"Deojun General Hospital was built in the late 1960s, at first it was just a small hospital with around 3 doctors and 5 nurses. The founder of this hospital was Dr. Jun Seo but then he appointed his son to be the director up until now." Jihyo continues to explain everything to Tzuyu which the intern find to be a lot helpful since she can't read all of that infos on the net.

Tzuyu noticed how professional and dedicated staffs are. Even the orderlies are well mannered and polite. She mentally thanked Seolhyun with the oppurtunity the nurse obliged to offer her.

"The emergency room is that crowded? I mean there are hospitals near also how come Deojun has a lot more patients?" Tzuyu asked.

Jihyo and Tzuyu stopped to observe the emergency room filled with patients waiting for their turn.

"I forgot to tell you that Deojun General Hospital has the best doctors." Jihyo smiled not looking at Tzuyu.

People of different ages flocked in the area. The smell of blood and sweat mixed the air, the room temperature raised as well. Nurses and doctors came running.

When Tzuyu was about to step and also assist patients, someone came across her running fast. The doctor happened to be her supervisor. Dr. Minatozaki mindlessly jumped on the top of the emergency bed and started reviving the patient which Tzuyu suspected to be involved in a car accident.

Tzuyu was now in awe. There was something in her sunbae that attracts her. Not in a romantic way, at-least not now. But her stupid mind found the scenario half inspiring but a lot romantic. Tzuyu didn't know why she seemed to see hearts around the doctor's face. In her mind Dr. Minatozaki or should she call Sana is shining and dashing.

"My god Tzuyu what are you thinking?" She gasped. Tzuyu forced herself to move aside and to help the nurses to assist patients. She can't just stand there and watch her sunbae cut open the patients stomach.

"What is she thinking? The patient might get infected." Tzuyu furrowed her brows.

She decided to look for Jihyo whose no where to be found. All doctors and nurses are busy and Tzuyu can't seem to know what she should do.

She began to look for an empty room for patients which are screaming in pain. But even the ICU was jam-packed. When she was about to offer a seat to a child whose burning in fever Jihyo came.

"I'm taking care of him Ms. Chou. I think Dr. Minatozaki needs your help more." Jihyo said and walked away taking the boy beside her.

Tzuyu turned her gaze to the the cat eyed doctor. Sana was struggling but barely breating, blood stains all over the doctor's coat. Tzuyu promptly obliged what Jihyo said. Without a word she assisted Sana because the latter was getting impatient with the assisting nurse whose protesting with the doctor operating in the emergency bed. But Tzuyu thought that Sana would not let the patient die just because there is no room for the operation.

"Push the metal slowly and prepare alcohol and gauzes." Sana commanded. The doctor didn't realize that her intern was the one assisting her now.

Tzuyu did what her sunbae instructed. She pushed the metal slowly. When the metal was out Sana poured the alcohol on the wound, the patient screamed in pain along with seeing the blood flowing out of him.

Tzuyu put pressure to the wound with the gauzes in her hand. "We can't stitch him here he will ran out of blood." Tzuyu said.

That was the time Sana recognized the intern. The doctor jumped down from the emergency bed not minding the sweat and blood stains in her coat.

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