Chapter 4

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Tzuyu arrived home at ten thirty in the evening. By that time her mom was sleeping soundly in their room while her father happened to be eating his dinner.

She greeted her father and kissed his cheek. "How was your first day? You look tired." Her father said.

Tzuyu puts her bag on the coach and took off her shoes. "Good Dad. I assisted my supervisor in her operation a while ago. Even thou I was supposed to work tomorrow I think." She smiled and walked towards her dad.

She grabbed a glass of milk and sat across her eating father. Her dad continued to eat.

"Your mom forwarded me your text earlier. It seemed like you are interested with your supervisor." Her dad chuckled.

Tzuyu's eyes grew wide and shook her head. "Its just because I am fond with her cat like eyes but nothing more."

Her father suspiciously eyed her but Tzuyu ignored him and just chugged her milk. "Besides she's one of the best surgeon in that hospital Dad. Who would not want to be under her supervision? She's very passionate despite being mean." She added.

Her father chewed his food and replied. "Then you must be very happy to be paired with her. Always do your best alright? Don't annoy her so much."

"Who said I'm annoying her?" Tzuyu asked.

"Your mom and I just thought. Because you can be persistent and annoying sometimes." Her father chuckled.

Tzuyu pouts. "Guess who's being bullied by her parents."

Her father laughed and pats her head. "Go to your room and sleep. Your mom fed Gucci a while ago. Go and rest you must be early in the hospital tomorrow since you said you have a mean supervisor."

Tzuyu nodded and climbed the stairs. Her dad spoke again. "Don't let your senior doctor ever catch you staring too much at her. It's bad." Her dad laughed continuously.

Tzuyu face palmed and asked why does she had to deal with her intriguing parents always.


Tzuyu's POV

I woke up early to arrive at the hospital at exactly 7 in the morning. When I entered the lobby I saw Jihyo and Hyunnie talking with one of the doctors of the hospital.

I placed my things at the staff room and wore my coat. Then I talked to Jihyo to get sunbae's schedule.

"Here's her schedule for the whole week. I will hand you her sched for the whole month when the resident doctor finished working on it." Jihyo explained.

I nodded and mumbled thanks to her. I read the paper she handed me and it says that sunbae will arrive at 10 a.m today. She's also on call for 28 hrs. So what should I do before she arrives?

"Yah Hyunnie!" I called. "Should I help in the ER before Dr. Minatozaki arrive? Or me sitting at the staff room is alright? I goofily smiled.

Seolhyun smacked my head slightly. "Who said you can slouch here? Go to the ER and assist patients. You are also allowed to stitch if a resident doctor ask you to." She said.

"Arasso. But how would I know if Dr. Minatozaki arrived?" I asked.

"She will surely call me and command you what to do. Always check your phone."

"I'll go now." I waved goodbye to Seolhyun and headed to the ER.


When I entered the ER there was a commotion again. I can't understand what's happening so I decided to ask.

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