Chapter 7

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Tzuyu woke up early to at-least catch up with her grandparents before they leave. She decided to prepare a simple meal for all of them to feast.

She cooked bacon, eggs, hotdogs and pancakes. When she was done setting up the table she called everyone to have a breakfast.

"Seat down halmoni, I cooked all of this for you." Tzuyu said. Dragging her grandparents in front of the dining. Her grandma and grandapa sat and willingly ate.

"Since I didn't had the chance to talk to you last night I decided to catch up today as we eat." Tzuyu smiled. She was hoping she can Spend a day with them but she also knew she can't because of work.

"Tzuyu my dear, what you did early in the morning is more than enough. Look at you, our baby barely had no sleep." Halmoni said and pinched Tzuyu's cheeks. The young one chukled but kissed her grandama's cheeks too. Oh how she missed them.

She remember how it feels home suddenly. Back when she was in med school her grandma was the one to cook meals for her because her mom and dad are working to provide her tuition fees. She thought that these people are really the best and that she could not ask for more.

"You are truly a grown up now. I can't imagine my Tzuyu as a professional doctor." Tzuyu's abeoji said. Her heart melts in that moment. This is how she exactly pictured her life. Being successful and contented with the people she love most.

Tzuyu sheepishly smiled. She put down her spoon and fork, sipped on her glass and spoke. "Mom, dad, halmoni and Abeoji, I often tell you when I was still in med school that to be a doctor will never be easy and that I am honestly doubting myself if I can make it through. But here I am today with all of you as an intern doctor contented and happy. The love the four of you showered me will forever be my strength."

The dining area was filled by so much joy and love. Tzuyu can't let this family fall apart, she will do her very best to keep the love flaming, whatever it takes.

"Let's continue to eat, no more drama, or you'll be late for work Chewy!" Her mom interrupted, almost teary eyed.

They continued to eat and talked about Tzuyu when she was still little. Her grandparents also asked her to narrate some of her experiences in the hospital. They talked for an hour until it was time to Go.

Tzuyu checked her watch and confirmed that she must say goodbye.

"I have to go." She shyly muttered. Now their gazes turned to her.

"I should go before my scary sunbae eats me alive." She joked. The four nodded and even though it is saddening they told her how happy they were that the young one is a step closer to her biggest dream.

"Halmoni, Abeoji, I will visit both of you arasso? Don't worry." She assured her grandparents and kissed their cheeks which served as her last goodbye.


Tzuyu found herself smiling mindlessly. On her way to the hospital she suddenly remember her sunbae's text message last night. Which at first Tzuyu did not know what to reply or to react. But as annoying as she is of course she would reply.

To: Sunbae

Sunbae it's a small cut, its just that the patient was into me but I told him boys are not my type.

Tzuyu was extremely laughing when she hit the send button. She truly knew how to annoy the doctor.

She was surprised that in just a few minutes Sana replied.

From: Sunbae

Serves you right moron.

When Tzuyu read the message she chuckled. Even her sunbae's texts are that savage and mean. But she doesn't know how in the world did she find the doctor cute despite every mean acts the latter is continuously showing to her.

Tzuyu did not stop annoying the doctor. Before she sleep that night she typed one last message for Sana, making the doctor furious.

To: Sunbae

You did not even miss me sunbae? Waeyo? You're not into me? But Im into you.

Tzuyu knew that when the doctor read the message she will be in rage. But making Sana annoyed seemed to be her habit.

As expected her sunbae didn't reply, maybe the doctor was now irritated.

The younger one read what she sent and laughed. She can be annoying sometimes. She knew that the message was merely a joke but then reading her message for the second time made her think that it was half meant.


Tzuyu's POV

"Hyunnie has Dr. Minatozaki arrived?" I asked.

"I think I saw her pass by a while ago. Are you still in charge at the ER?" Hyunnie gestured me to sit next to her.

"I still don't know actually, should I go to her office and ask her? Is she in a good mood?" I asked again confused.

"Are you seriously asking me that Chewy? We have never seen Dr. Minatozaki smile, so I guess she can never be in a good mood." Seolhyun replied laughing.

Well I think Hyunnie is right. The doctor never shed me a bit of her smile. I excused myself from Hyunnie and headed to the 4th floor to ask Dr. Minatozaki.

I knocked to her door and muttered a goodmorning. I have seen the doctor tying her hair in a low ponytail and putting on her coat. I think she did notice me enter her office.

"Morning Sunbae." I repeatedly greeted.

She looked at me and nodded. Then she grabbed her phone, puts it in her pocket, checked her sched and ready to leave.

I did not know I was watching her every move until she spoke.

"You're gonna stand there all day Chou?" She asked.

I snapped and shook my head. "Uhmm...." My stupid mind can't utter a word, her feline eyes making me nervous again.

The doctor's forehead creased, starting to get annoyed. "I have no time to spare Chou, move out of my way."

I massaged my temples. "I'm sorry my head hurt." I lied.

"I was just wondering if I was still assigned in the ER today sunbae?" I asked.

"No, be on rounds today." She shortly replied.

The doctor walked past me, leaving the room first. I followed her, matching her pace.

"Can't I assist you on your surgery sunbae?" I asked still.

Sunbae did not reply and kept walking. Here she goes again, completely ignoring me.But then I want to try my luck and convince her to let me assist her. That's one of my goals, to see her operate in an actual OR.

A nurse called her and reminded her that in an hour she will operate the patient in room 7A. The doctor nodded and told the assisting doctors to prepare.

She then turned to me. "Don't follow me around Chou." She said glaring.

"Answer my question first sunbae!" I stomped my feet.

The doctor turned away escaping my annoying whims. "Yah sunbae!" I called.

Dr. Minatozaki defeatedly speak "Let that wound in your brow heal first stupid!" She shouted earning attention from people around.

I smirked and stepped closer to her. "Wae? Are you worried?" I teased.

The doctor closed her eyes and impatiently sighed. "Enough Chou! Shut up!" She gritted.

I laughed, entertained by her expressions. Sunbae walked away from me ferociously.

"I'll wait for you sunbae! Let's grab lunch together!" I shouted smirking.

People around me surely thought that I'm a retarded intern doctor trying push her senior doctor's buttons. But what could I do? she's adorably cute when she's annoyed.

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