Chapter 35

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Sana decided to give up pursuing her medical staff to let her take charge of the surgery. She breathed and shook her head, convincing herself that she could trust Tzuyu and her medical team. She knew they won't let anything bad happed to Ms. Cha and more than anyone she knew her team's capabity. She was sure they can save her.

Sana clasped her palms and muttered a silent prayer. She wants to talk to Him again and plead to extend Ms. Cha's life. For years, she believed that the one above never favored her, now Sana got it all wrong. Maybe the Lord wants her to keep her faith strong despite all the things she's been through. Sure thing, the road wasn't easy for her, but still the one above didn't let her all by herself.

The surgeon realized that she needs to trust the people around her and the Lord that things will soon go well. Afterall, nothing is impossible through Him.

"Sana! I've been looking for you." The head nurse, Seolhyun spoke, as she quickly sat beside the surgeon. She embraced Sana into a tight hug and murmur "She'll live, don't worry."

Seolhyun tapped the surgeon's back, trying her best to lift up Sana. "I'm sorry I wasn't with you a while ago."

The surgeon moved away a little bit from Seolhyun, wiping her tears with the back of her palm. "It's okay Hyunnie, your job is more important."

"I feel bad but I promise to join you once my duty ends. The ER's kinda busy today."

Sana nodded and smiled "You should be there Hyunnie, if I could I would not think twice to help you."

She tucked a strand of hair at the back of her ear "It's your duty and I understand. We pledge to prioritize people's health."

Seolhyun pouts, grabbed her bestfriend's hands "We are very grateful to have you President Minatozaki!"

"No one as good and kind hearted as you can take your place in our hearts. You are loved Nana and Deojun is so blessed to have you." The head nurse added.

"Do you think I'm doing good Hyunnie? Do I fulfill being a righteous and dedicated president?" Sana asked, she wanted assurance, she needs it.

The other sighed "You've done more than enough, your leadership brought us to where we are right now, without you Deojun would have been long gone, history. Most importantly Sana, you save lives at all cost and now it is our time to give back."

"That room." Seolhyun spoke, as she points out the OR. "That room witnessed your every struggle to extend someone's life Sana and right now the people in there, the doctors and medical staff in there are willing to do as much for you."

"So just wait here, okay? Everything's gonna be fine." The head nurse smiled.

Tears streamed down Sana's eyes again, but this time her heart swells with so much joy. She shouldn't blame the Lord for the hardships she's been through because He never allowed her to fight alone.

It is something everyone should realize and thank upon. For whatever challenge we may encounter, know that we always have the skill and strength to push through and overcome it.

"You shoudn't worry though, your knight in shining operating gown is here, nothing to be afraid of Sana." Seolhyun chuckled as she shifts her gaze to Tzuyu.

"I doubt she's completely changed, because if she was I don't think she'd do this things for you. Tzuyu's weakness remained to be you, that's for certain." Seolhyun assured the surgeon.


"Bam! Snap out of it!!" Tzuyu shouts, getting Bambam's attention. Her friend was still drowning in the situation. Maybe he's shocked.

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