Chapter 2

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The doctor stared at me blankly for minutes and I don't know how to react. I blinked hard and tried to ask her in the best way I can.

My mind's a mess I guess I can't concentrate and comprehend. I can't even form a sentence with a sense in my head. Her eyes sent me indescribable feelings.

"Uhmm...I just want to ask if my internship starts now? Like the actual job?" I shyly smiled.

Again she's just staring at me then gestured for the envelope underneath my bag. So I handed it to her.

She started reading the resume I prepared along with the qualifications Seolhyun reminded me to include.

The doctor continuously scanned my resume until she's satisfied. She gave the envelope back to me. "I would not introduce myself I'm sure you did know me. But just to be clear you are under my supervision so you are expected to obey me and only me." Dr. Minatozaki emphasized.

I gulped by the sudden change of her voice. She seemed powerful with so much conviction.

"Do you understand Chou?" She repeatedly called my attention.

I didn't notice how confused and nervous I am not until I heard her. "Y-yes S-sana" I mentally slapped myself when it came from my own mouth. What am I even thinking!

The doctor's brows furrowed. "What did you say? Did I hear it right?"

Her eyes can do no good, definitely. It's making me feel dizzy.

"I'm sorry sunbae. I'm very sorry." I bowed my head as fast as I could. You are a shithead Chou!

Her expression didn't change but she slightly nodded. I awkwardly smiled.

"Should I go now? But what should I do on my first day sunbae?" By now I think I'm getting a bit comfortable. Being with this lady in front of me regardless with her stone cold expressions may not hurt that bad actually. Besides she has a beautiful face with those tantalizing feline eyes.

The doctor grabbed her phone and called someone. "The new intern arrived. Tour her around the hospital. Then give her my schedule for the whole month. She will be my assistant for the upcoming surgeries. That will be all. She's here in my office be here in a minute." With that she ended the call.

"You can go now. Jihyo will be your company for you to be familiar with the whole building. In a few days you will assist me in my surgeries." She directly said.

"Arasso sunbae." I nodded. "I'll go now. Kamsahamnida." I slighly smiled before I walked near the door. But before I turn the knob...

"Chou, be here early because I don't tolerate late interns." She added.

I turned again facing her with a smile plastered on my face. "Yes sunbae! I'll be a great intern I promise!"

The doctor crossed her arms and just arched her brow. "Show me what you got Chou." She then shooed me. I chuckled with that childish gesture.

I turned the knob and exited her room. When I stepped out I felt my heart beat is at normal race. Maybe I found the doctor's responses interesting. Maybe her being blank with no expression at all excites me.

This internship will be exciting but Sana Minatozaki is more exciting.


"You are Ms. Chou right? The intern I talked to a while ago at the lobby?" The peach haired girl said.

I was interrupted by this cute nurse. She seemed to be jolly.

"Yes I am!" I smiled.

"I was the one tasked to tour you and remind you all the schedules of Dr. Minatozaki. You met her right? How was it?" She asked.

"I was beyond nervous when I entered her room but at some point talking to her gently calmed me a bit. She's not that bad. But surely she is snobbish and expressionless." I chuckled.

The girl and me shared a laugh then she happily introduced herself. I learned that she's an assisting nurse with the name Jihyo.

"Come on I'll tour you and also introduce my workmates." She leads.
I nodded and grabbed my phone inside my pocket. I shortly typed a message to my mom assuring her that I just finished talking with my scary (little) sunbae. I also didn't forgot to tell her that the doctor has the most beautiful feline eyes like Gucci's.

I hit the send button and found myself smiling imagining those cat eyes eyeing me every day.

I guess it's not a bad thing.

When the elevator door rang I began to see myself being passionate with the line of work I chose.

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