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"Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret but something to aspire to."

You don't think twice to take a bullet, take a knife and bleed to death for someone you truly love. It's funny how you think you can tolerate the pain more than they do just because you love them. That is how it really is, you take the pain for them, because you don't want them hurt and you don't want a single tear escape from their eyes.

But that's not what Tzuyu think it is now.

Or at least before that was what she thought it was.

When she saw the scalpel pointed, aimed at Sana, her head went nuts. She was so scared that Sana might bleed, that she forgot that she would bleed too.

So without thinking, she shielded Sana from the attack, as a result she got herself a cut through her neck. She held Sana's waist tight before she felt the heat of the liquid dripping from her neck.

Tzuyu couldn't think a damn thing after realizing she was stabbed, but then, she didn't pull away from Sana. She breathed hard, her slender arms held the older surgeon tighter. She wanted Sana to feel that she's safe with her.

"Sorry if I'm too late..." Tzuyu whispered as her eyelids began to feel heavy. She knew she'll be unconscious in a second, so she gazed at Sana's eyes.

The surgeon was completely shocked and in a state of panic. She tried to stop the wound from bleeding out of rationality, yet she did not succeed.

"No, no! Tzuyu!" Sana cried when the younger's head fell on her shoulder. Her hands were shaking, she was so nervous that she didn't know what to do.

Tzuyu heard Sana helplessly shouting for help with the last energy stored in her. She wanted to tell her that she'll be okay, but she couldn't move a muscle.

She was losing a lot of blood and having difficulty in breathing. Slowly, her arms fell from Sana's waist and she dozed off to sleep remembering how Sana called her name.

She was wrong all along. One way or another, a tear will shed and right now she was sure that the older surgeon was beyond anxious worrying about her.

Tzuyu wished that Sana doesn't blame herself for what happened. Because more than risking her life for the woman she loves, the consequences scares her more. It comes with Sana living a life on her own, building a family with someone else when she's gone.

It scares Tzuyu more, but she didn't think of any of that the moment she took the knife because she loves Sana more than herself.

After a moment, Tzuyu felt like she was in a dream, watching her own self with Sana, happy and so much in love. She could see how genuine their smiles were and it made her heart skip a beat. This is what she wants, to be happy and contented with Sana.
She smiled when a memory of her and Sana arguing like cat and dog appeared. Tzuyu was always fond with irritated Sana.

"I said try it. It's good that's my favourite."

The doctor arched her brow "I said I don't want to Chou."

Why could Tzuyu forget that day? She sighed and attentively anticipated Sana and her own self in her dream. She missed the old times. God knows she would do anything for these times.

The surgeon suddenly stood up and stomped her feet but I was quick to reach for her hand and forced her to seat again.

"We won't leave, unless you drink that." I loosened my grip on her and gestured the object on the table.

Sana glared at me and without any other choice, the surgeon chugged down the carton of Choco milk denying the fact that she enjoyed it like I do.

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