Chapter 13

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Tzuyu waited standing by Sana's door. The intern didn't mind waiting for a couple pf minutes just to go down with Sana in the lobby.

When Sana stepped out of her room, Tzuyu began to notice the doctor's new fit. She was now wearing a cream colored cropped sweater, patterned trousers and chucks. It seemed like Sana just showered but by Tzuyu's surprise the doctor was also wearing a brown specs that simply looked good on the doctor.

The intern was currently slobbering when Sana interrupted. "What? Let's go!"

Tzuyu was in dazed but obliged. She averted her gaze to the doctor.

Both walked at the corridor of the hotel. As they tread side by side, Tzuyu was mentally blabbering her thoughts away.

How in the world would Sana be that gorgeous? Whatever she wears makes her stand out. Tzuyu did not know if it was just her or the doctor was indeed a beauty.

The elevator ride was also just the two of them standing near each other. Their minds screaming in silence. Tzuyu just did not know what to say again. There were times she felt stars-truck to Sana but no matter how uncomfortable it was,  she will always and always find a way to destruct that barrier.

Tzuyu cleared her throat and strike a conversation with her Sunbae. "I was assigned to inject vaccines today. Y-you Sunbae?" She asked stuttering.

"Check ups again." Sana answered without looking at Tzuyu.

The young intern nodded her head. Then the elevator door opened revealing the ground floor. The two can feel tension between them but both curious with each other's state.

Despite of Tzuyu's interest to ask more and annoy Sana, she thought that it might be not a good idea. So the intern just followed her Sunbae.

The medical was all gathered in the lobby now waiting for the bus which will arrive in a few minutes.

Sana sat on the coach busy on her phone. While Tzuyu stood beside the nurses.

That was Sana's way to avoid the intern but deep inside, her mind is a mess. She's not sure how to prevent her growing feelings for Tzuyu. It was so hard to avoid the young one.

Maybe if Tzuyu kept on pursuing Sana the doctor's heart might not take it and possibly give in.


Tzuyu's POV

"Is he a leech? What the hell?!" I can't help but let out when Dr. Tae moved in to where Sana was sitting.

He was centimeters away from Sana that made my patience boil in annoyance. There was no doubt that he's interested with my Sunbae.

They started to talk. Sana puts back her phone in her pocket and had a conversation with the leech.

"If your glare can kill, Dr. Tae will be dead by now." Seolhyun said advancing towards me.

"Then I wish to." I replied still watching the two.

Seolhyun joined me. "She doesn't look like she's interested with the man Chewy. Don't be threatened."

"Psh. Don't you see? She's having a conversation with him." I said.

"And you mean by that she's not having one with you?" Hyunnie said turning to me.

"No, I mean we often talk but I don't think she's comfortable with me. She's always avoiding me these days." I elaborated.

Hyunnie nodded her head and looked at Sana's direction. "Maybe she's confused with the unfamiliar feelings she has towards you."

"I can see how she looks at you Chewy and she doesn't look at anyone like that. Just be patient Dr. Minatozaki will soon realize attraction." She further added.

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