Chapter 20

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Tzuyu stretched her upper and lower limbs from a tiring hours being blackmailed by Seolhyun.

"Yah Hyunnie! I'm tired! I lend you a hand for hours, you should thank me." Tzuyu demanded.

"If Jihyo was here you know I will not bother you." The head nurse replied.

Tzuyu was pushing an equipment device heading to the OR while Seolhyun prepared all the essential instruments for the operation of Dr. Tae.

The two set up all the equipments and told the scrub nurses that the room was ready. The doctor in charge which had Tae briefly arrived.

"Where to go next? You have to pay me for this Hyunnie." Tzuyu smiled evilly earning a glare at the head nurse.

"This is the last one, ward B7." Seolhyun encouraged Tzuyu.

"Okay..." The intern nodded. Tzuyu was thinking to go home early, change her clothes and immediately fetch her Sunbae. She's worried that if she'll be out on work late and Sana might go to her mother's grave alone and Tzuyu doesn't want that. She's sure that Sana's father will also be there so she needs to be with Sana. To hold the doctor and to make her feel she has someone who she can lean on.

"How is she?" Seol44 asked her fellow nurse Lani. She entered ward B7 along with Tzuyu.

Lani handed Seolhyun the patient's records. "I never failed to check on her and in the past days she seemed to be responsive, I think she'll be awake sooner."

Seolhyun read the patient's record and noted a few things on her clipboard too. While the intern Tzuyu stepped close to the sleeping patient. "There's no one coming to visit her until now?" She asked.

Lani sadly shook her head. The intern glanced at the patient again, sympathizing.

"Hi Mary! I'm an intern here, I am very much excited to see you awake so keep fighting alright?" Tzuyu enthusiastically spoke to the sleeping patient. Afterwards she strengthened Mary's blanket.

"She'll be awake in no time." Seolhyun also commented smiling at her friend.

Tzuyu smiled at Lani and tapped the nurse's shoulder. "We will go ahead, Dr. Yun will drop by at 1." Seolhyun also smiled a bit.

As they exited the ward, the intern realized that she forgot her phone at the staff room. "Hyunnie! That's the last one right? Can I go now? Just let me go early as my prize for helping you today." Tzuyu said.

Seolhyun sighed "Do I have a choice Chewy?"

Tzuyu smiled victoriously "Great! You are amazing Hyunnie! Love yah!"

Tzuyu smiled victoriously "Great! You are amazing Hyunnie! Love yah!" The intern turned her feet ready to go when Seolhyun snatched her arm "Tell me where your going first."

"Somewhere Hyunnie, don't mind me." Tzuyu replied scratching her nape. The nurse shook her head, she did not let Tzuyu get away.

"Don't tell me and you'll never leave, you'll work with me till night." she blackmailed the intern.

Tzuyu's forehead creased "You're kidding me Hyunnie."

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" Seolhyun replied, entertained by the intern's reactions. She's aware that Tzuyu's going out with Sana, what she's not sure of is where the two were going, seolhyun was just curious about Tzuyu and Sana's relationship.

"I-I will go accompany her at her mother's grave Hyunnie, this is important for her." The intern replied. Seolhyun unclasped her grasp to Tzuyu's arm "I see. Then go, you must be excited to be with her. When you come back here tell us your stories all right? Take care Tzuyu, enjoy!" The nurse hugged her friend and promised Tzuyu that she'll cover her work for today. "You owe us cup of frapu and cupcakes huh!" Seolhyun happily watched her friend running.

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