Chapter 6

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Tzuyu's POV

I forced myself to enter the building again and to continue working at the ER. But what Dr. Minatozaki said kept on bugging me.

"Aishhh!" I shook my head hoping the scenario will stop replaying on my mind.

Just when I was about to head at the ER my phone started ringing. I fished for my it in my pockets. The call was from my mom, I tapped the answer button and greeted her.

"Hi mom, is there a problem?" I asked. She rarely call me when she knows I'm busy.

"I'm sorry to call you at work honey but I just want to inform you that your grandparents will visit today and wished to have dinner with us. They are very excited to listen to your experience working." Mom explained.

"What time would be our dinner mom?" I checked my wrist watch and was surprised that it is four in the afternoon.

"I think 8 in the evening would be okay honey. We will wait for you. Take care." Mom said.

"Alright mom. I'll be there." I bid goodbye and hanged up.

When I dropped the call I saw nurses hurriedly passing the lobby on the way to the ER with a stretcher. The patient is soaked in blood unconscious.

I saw Dr. Kang running towards the patient checking his vitals. "Stop making a fuss and help now!" The doctor shouted to the in the interns flocking near the door of the ER.

The interns obliged and entered the room. As for me I ran to assist Dr. Kang. I remembered that he's a heart surgeon.

"What happened?" I asked the nurse.

"The patient is suspected to be drunk which lead him to hit his car in an electric poll. But other than that he had a heart attack minutes after his accident." She replied.

"Intubation pali!" Dr. Kang instructed. I helped him intubate the patient.

The doctor cut the clothes of the patient to revive him. "200 Joules." He grabbed the defibrillator. "Ready, shock!" Dr. Kang did it twice making the patient back to life.

I will never get tired of this I mentally noted. The doctor asked me if I successfully intubated the patient. I nodded.

He tapped my shoulder before preparing to clean and stitch the patient's cuts.

I turned to Jihyo after wards but she is currently taking a call. I startled when she shouted at the top of her lungs. "Yorobun! A drugged patient will arrive in a minute he tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists."

The doctors Dr. Yun and Dr. Kang who are on call today didn't complain and willingly treated patients.


When the suicidal patient arrived the ER was one again in a chaos. The 35 yrs old patient lost too much blood.

The head nurse Hyunnie along with Dr. Yun took charge with the patient. At the time he was supplied with oxygen and blood he lost he was carried to the operating room. The cut he did to himself was deep and it was very crucial for the in charge surgeon to successfully perform the operation. It took them 4 hrs to finish the stitches.

The scrub nurses who assisted the operation exited first. Seolhyun was included but then the doctor who operated was from another hospital.

"Monitor his stitches one in a while. There must be no swelling." The doctor reminded to Hyunnie.

After an hour Hyunnie asked Tzuyu to go to room 4A and see if the patient is awake. "Arasso. Should I report it to the in charge doctor after?" Tzuyu asked.

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