Chapter 19

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"Tell the director I will stop by briefly at his office when I'm done talking to my daughter." The chairman told Dr. Kang to give him a moment with Sana.

The senior doctor nodded and smiled at the chairman. "I'll leave you two then. It was nice seeing you again Chairman." Dr. Kang waved goodbye, tapped Sana's shoulder.

The Chairman gestured to his bodyguards to be on standby and to wait outside Sana's office door.

Undeniably nervous Sana bravely opened her office door with her father trailing her steps. She continued to walk towards her table and offered her dad a seat, the chairman shook his head and smiled sarcastically. "So this is your office?This is what you've been bragging about. You're a mess Sana." The chairman threw an envelope on top of her daughter's table.

The doctor was stunned, questioningly staring at her father. "Open it!" The chairman thundered, Sana felt her heart thump in shock when her father's roar echoed in the whole office. She quickly picked up the envelope with shaking and trembling hands.

As she opened the envelope she remained frozen. What was inside the envelope shocked her more,
Sana can't help but to gasp, what would she tell her father? That she liked Tzuyu so much? As if her father cared about her feelings, her father never cared for her.

"Is that your new hobby? Huh? To hook up with some incompetent medical practitioners? Like your intern specifically?" The chairman remarked, he was not pleased at all.

Sana puts down the pictures, stared at her father's eyes even though she knows that any moment she'll faint with so much nervousness. She'll take a risk to make a stand against her father, because now Tzuyu matters.

"I don't see a problem with that dad. I like her and she likes me too, what's between us doesn't affect people in a badway." The doctor tried to calmly replied.

Her father chuckled "You are really a disgrace, I can't believe you are my daughter. So you'll continue to be intimate with that intern?"

Sana was left wordless. How would she fight if she knew from the start that she'll lose, no one can defeat her father. He's powerful and authoritative.

Her father advanced towards her, the chairman fixed her slightly disheveled coat and nameplate. "You always defy me my daughter. Don't you remember that your morals define you? It's the main reason no one dared to stay with you."

Sana's eyes began to water, her dad's words attacking her.

"And that intern? Are you that dumb Sana? What would people think of us?! Don't you know that you bear my name, you are a Minatozaki! One mistake and you'll see our company falling before our damn eyes! Quit seeing that intern!" The chairman sternly composed.

The doctor looked at her father, horrified. No, she can't! Tzuyu was the only anchor she has, she's her everything now.

"No!" Sana stomped her feet, disagreeing with her father.

The chairman's forehead creased but shrugged afterwards "Okay. Continue seeing your intern, be with her as much as you want."

Her father smirked mid-sentence "But expect her to vanish from this hospital, if I am more ruthless compared before maybe I'll ban your beloved intern from all the medical institutions in Korea, It is very easy for me to do that. Believe me Sana, I'm true to my words and you can't win with me. Now if you'll excuse me I must go, enjoy your days with her."

The chairman glanced at Sana one last time and chuckled at her daughter's state. He turned his feet, about to open Sana's door yet he faced her daughter again.

"Oh and before I forget, invite your intern to have a dinner with me or maybe let's eat a sumptuous lunch tomorrow since it's your mom's death anniv afterall, that would be great right?" The chairman was being sarcastic and he's enjoying teasing and seeing Sana in distress. He waved goodbye to her daughter then contentedly stepped out of the room. He knew he's plan would work and Sana can't do anything to evade his will now.

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