Chapter 34

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Tzuyu abruptly stepped on the gas, forcing herself not to panic. She can clearly hear Bambam speaking to Sana, she needs to think and identify the woman's possible illness before they arrive at Deojun.

"Sana calm down we got her, we are on our way at Doldam." Bambam repeated for the third time.

Tzuyu took her phone from Bambam's grasp and mouthed to check the woman's pulse. The latter obliged. Then, the gray haired surgeon brought the phone on her ear "Sana." She called on the other line.

"Calm down, breath." She added, she can hear Sana's sobs and it made her heart ache worse than before.

The line seemed blank and loudly silenced, what she can only hear was Sana's pained breathing. Tzuyu feared that Sana was shaking and fidgeting with no one to comfort her.

"Sana, please. Think rationally and go straight at Deojun, we will arrive at 10. Drive safe." Tzuyu said, though she wanted to hear Sana's voice before she dropped the call, she has no choice but to focus on the woman's case for now.

"Shit Tzuyu." Bambam hissed as he tried to listen to the woman's heartbeat.

"What? Tell me what's going on." Tzuyu ordered. She can't look at the back seat because she's trying her best to arrive at Deojun as fast as possible.

"I can't hear her heartbeat clearly, it's weak and fvck Tzuyu, her skin's turning blue and cool. I'm getting nervous, what do I do!?" Bambam alarmingly asked.

"Ask her if her chest feels pain" With the symptoms she heard it might be cardiac tamponade, but Tzuyu needs to be sure. She dialled Dr. Kang's number and told him briefly that there was an incoming patient arriving in a minute with a suspected fluid in the heart.

"She can't mutter a thing Tzu, but she is pointing out to her chest."

"Alright. Do as I say Bam." Tzuyu spoke, while Bambam nodded in agreement.

"Tear her shirt and tell me if her chest appear like it is bloated or swelling."

"I didn't sign up for this but I'll do it anyway." Bambam informed the woman that she's about to tear her shirt to examine her chest. When the woman responded he gently tear the woman's shirt.

"I'm not sure if this looked like it is swelling Tzu, but I think it isn't normal."

"Okay, got it. Now, Press her chest. Middle part and the sides. You need to tell me which part she's uncomfortable with."

"Arasso arasso."

Bambam removed his jacket and fanned himself a bit, he was sweating a lot and very very nervous too. This was the first time he needed to deal with this kind of situation. He was willing to help, yet can't prevent himself to think that if something bad happems, he'll be the one to blame.

"Bam, hey. Don't panic, you're doing good." Tzuyu swiftly looked at Bambam.

"Go on Bam, do it. That will be the last step then she'll be transferred to the ER. I can see the hospital from here brother." Tzuyu added.

Bambam nodded once again and proceeded to press the woman's chest. He was hoping that if ever the patient needs surgery all things will go well.

"Hold still ma'am you'll live, I'll make sure of that." Bambam whispered.


"The patient is in mid-sixties with suspected cardiac tamponade." Tzuyu informed Dr. Kang as the woman was being checked by the nurses.

"1 2 3 lift!"


"Warm saline pali!" Everyone was present to assist. Tzuyu was in awe with the team his senior doctor has. She proceeded to help while Bambam was stuck wondering what he just did and witnessed.

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