Chapter 32

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"W-What???" Sana asked astonishedly.

Did she even heard it right? Or she was imagining things out of misery. She miserably missed the tall woman in front of her, maybe that was the reason she found herself driving in speed all the way back at the hospital. Sana gave in, her heart won and now here she is hopelessly standing next to Tzuyu.

"Do I have to repeat myself?" Tzuyu arched a brow. "I'm not forcing you Minatozaki, if you don't want to its all good. We can both go I guess." The gray haired woman faked a smile and without further ado she turned her back to Sana and strode away.

"Wait!" The older surgeon called. She chased after the tall woman and grabbed her arm again. This always how it goes, her chasing the now cold Tzuyu. But Sana doesn't mind. She still loves her after all. And she's not hoping Tzuyu would reciprocate her feelings for her. All she wanted to do was to be beside her, even for a month. Maybe that's a month was all that's left for them and Sana promised herself that this will be the last time. She promised to let go of Tzuyu permanently after a month.

"J-just w-wait please." Sana whispered in which Tzuyu halted.

"Go ahead, talk." Tzuyu muttered facing Sana, invading the older surgeon's personal space. Tzuyu was so close, so so close. She could feel Tzuyu's eyes all over her and it made her nervous.

Sana looked down, avoiding Tzuyu's gaze and grasping her fingers as she doesn't know what to say.

"Talk." Tzuyu commanded.

Sana shook her head and tried equally to look at the taller surgeon. "C-can you move T-Tzuyu? I-I mean step back."

Tzuyu smirked, her eyes fall on Sana's lips "Why? Am I making you uncomfortable Minatozaki ?"


Sana remarked in her head. Tzuyu's taking over her mind, body and heart, there's nothing she could do. So she took a step back, hoping the other could not sense how nervous and anxious she was, being this close with her again.

"Too close. You're so c-close." Sana gasped for air as she felt sick.

As if the young one was teasing her, Tzuyu neared, trapped Sana in her arms and whispered in her ear..."I don't care Minatozaki, just answer me. Do you agree to be with me for a month?"

Sana pursed her lips and thought about the consequences of the choice she'll choose. If she would agree she'll be by Tzuyu's side, just like when they were together five years ago. That's more than enough for her. But if she'll choose the other option which is to say no she's guessing she'll forever regret it. Sana seemed tired with having so much regrets in life. Now, she has to choose what she thinks would make her happy.

"Look at me. Tell me." Tzuyu muttered.

For a second she saw how Tzuyu's eyes turned into something she longed to see. It was silly to say but Sana thought it was the Tzuyu she knew before. Her Tzuyu.

Yet it was barely a second.

"I got no time to spare Minatozaki. Just tell me you don't want it." The gray haired woman added, getting impatient as she moved her head away from the shy Sana.

"I-I do want it." Sana whispered which made Tzuyu surprised and taken aback.

"You won't regret this don't you?" Tzuyu rebutted smiling lavishly.

It's her chance to let Sana feel how miserable she was before, but staring in her eyes and face makes Tzuyu change her mind. The surgeon has this effect on her. The attractive pull she's always finding hard to resist, just like now. She can't seem to stay away from Sana, the surgeon's fragrance intoxicating her, addicting her senses. To the point that she maybe forgot that she was committed and has a girlfriend...

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