Chapter 33

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"Sana I could take over this, you rest." Taehyung  interfered Sana who was preparing for another surgery. It was her third surgery for the day, she was at the operating room for approximately ten hours.

"I can manage Taehyung, besides you have a meeting, don't reschedule it." She answered. Sana wore on her surgical mask, smiled and turned her back to the male surgeon.

Tae was quick to advance towards Sana, stopping the stubborn raven haired surgeon. "This is about her right? Tell me. What happened? I know I told you I don't want to force you, but Sana I hate to see you like this." Taehyung worriedly spoke, reaching out to grasp Sana's hand in his.

"We want to comfort you Sana, let us please?"

Sana sighed, slightly took off her mask and muttered "I will go home after this, I promise."

Taehyung removed his hold from Sana's hand and silently nod "Are you really sure you can still operate?"

The female surgeon laughed a bit and raised a thumbs up "I'm sure Taehyung, go now, you don't want to be late for your meeting." She smiled, tapping Tae's arm.

In return Taehyung arched a brow at Sana "Yeah right." The tiny surgeon chuckled "Don't be mad, I promise I'll go home after this." She pushed Taehyung away and turned her back on him to enter the OR.

"I'll tell Seolhyun to eat with you after the surgery! Call me when you get home, don't be stubborn President Minatozaki!!" Taehyung yelled as the OR's door closed.

Sana found herself really smiling for the first time today. She missed Tae's nagging, the man truly cares for her.

"He's back? He must be busy but still finds time to visit." Nurse Oh said. She's in charge with the surgery today, together with Dr. Park the anaesthesiologist and Dr. Yun as the first assisting doctor.

"Well, I miss having Dr. Tae here at the OR too, right President minatozaki?" Dr. Yun spoke, nudging Sana by the arm lightly.

The surgeon nodded "I miss his nagging too." She laughed.

"Let's start?" Sana announced in which the team answered willingly. Dr. Park started to inject anaesthesia to the patient and read his heart rate. On the other hand, Nurse Oh and Dr. Yun proceeded to arrange all the medical equipment needed in the surgery.

Sana wore her medical gloves and asked nurse Oh to brief her about the patient's condition before she starts operating.

"Patient's name Dong Hyun Kang, 19 years old, suffered under traumatic stress, as a result he sliced his wrist wanting to end his life. Dr. Minatozaki the cut was too deep that her tendons and nerves ware equally damaged. Cut was approximately 1.5 centimetres deep, 3 centimetres in length."

The raven haired surgeon moved, switched places with Dr. Yun to start the operation. "Heart rate?" She asked.

"Normal doctor." Dr. Park answered.

"Continue to monitor it and standby to supply blood all throughout the operation." Sana commanded.

Without further ado, Sana started operating, Dr. Yun handed her the scalpel to open the wound and check the damaged nerves of the kid. Upon, opening, she instantly recognized that the operation will last long, if she was not mistaken, it will go on for about less than eight hours. Nevertheless, if she can finish it successfully ahead of time she will. The patient's too young, she needs to do this one smoothly and precisely right.

"I will perform neurological rehabilitation and do tenorrhapy at the same time. Let's do this immediately. We need to save this kid's life, he needs to recover and learn the beauty of life." Sana spoke as she stared at the patient's face. She can somehow relate to the boy's situation that's why she badly wanted to do this operation too.

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