Chapter 14

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Tzuyu crushed Sana in her arms, she wanted to make the doctor feel that it's not her fault. And she succeeded, Sana at that moment felt at peace.

The doctor rested her head on Tzuyu's shoulder, the young intern on the other hand was slightly bending her knees for the shorter girl.

Both stayed in that position for minutes in silence. Tzuyu was afraid that Sana might hear her heart's loud beats but if she can embrace the doctor fully she doesn't care anymore.
"Feeling better?" Tzuyu asked.

The two were now facing each other, Sana slightly glancing up to the tall intern. She wiped her tears and nodded to Tzuyu.

"Good. Let's go then." Tzuyu grabbed Sana's arm and clanged it to her's.

"Where are you taking me to Tzuyu? You know I can't" The doctor interjected.

Tzuyu just hummed and smiled at Sana earning a questioning look at the latter. They walked through the halls of the hospital.

Then when they arrived at the ground floor, Tzuyu asked Sana to wait for her. The intern glided towards seolhyun who was talking to Dr. Kang.

"I'll take her home doctor." Tzuyu politely said.

Dr. Kang glanced at Sana first and nodded to Tzuyu. "You should. Tell her to take a rest and remind her that it's not her fault."

Tzuyu nudged Seolhyun and muttered goodbye to Dr. Kang. Then walked back to Sana.

"Come on." Tzuyu informed Sana.

The doctor was confused. "I'm on duty Tzuyu."

"Nope. I'm taking you home. Everyone agreed that you should rest. Alright?" With that Tzuyu held Sana's hand dragging her to the parking lot.

Tzuyu thinks that Sana wants to protest but doesn't have the energy to do so. So they end up peacefully getting in her car.

"Do you want to eat? Where do you want to?" She asked Sana.

The latter just shook her head and shut her eyes. Sana was calmer and less emotional at that moment but she felt drained.

As Tzuyu drove, she couldn't help but glance many times at her sunbae. She hoped that Sana was really alright or at least close to okay. She also knew Sana was asleep and she didn't want to bother the doctor so she directly drove to Sana's house.

When they stopped, she turned off the car's engine and unbuckled her seatbelt. Turning to Sana, she stared at the doctor's sleeping state. She said this a lot of times before, yet she couldn't deny the fact that Sana was so beautiful in every way.

Tzuyu leaned in to Sana's seat, carefully unbuckling the doctor's seatbelt. Here she goes again in awe with her sunbae.

She quickly snapped from her daydream when the rain poured hard. Tzuyu search for an umbrella in her car. When she did not find one she lets out a sigh.

"You shithead Chou! Remind me again to bring a fucking umbrella." She murmured.

Tzuyu didn't want to wake Sana so she decided to stepped out of the car and call someone from the big house to lend her an umbrella. But then, the rain was so hard that if she would do that, she'll be literally soaking.

The intern did not mind, she did ran to Sana's gate ringing the doorbell. Thankfully someone opened it.

"Good-evening mam can I ask for an umbrella? Sana is with me." She pointed out to her car. The middle aged woman nodded and hurriedly picked up an umbrella for them.

Tzuyu received one from what she thought was Sana's maid. Walk back to her car and opened its door to reveal a still sleeping Sana. Tzuyu thought The doctor must be so tired.

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