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Sitting at home, simply put, was frustrating. EunJi couldn't do anything. Normally, you could say she liked being a brat, getting Chan to do simple things for her, just because she was lying down, too lazy to get up. Now, though, not being able to do those things even if she wanted to made it frustrating to ask for help from any of the members, despite how willing all of them proved to be to help.

EunJi was currently at the dorms with just Hyunjin, who had been appointed to bring her her lunch for the day.

"How's Channie? Is he concentrating on the album enough?" The older of the two in the room asked, stuffing her mouth with some more rice.

"Hm, you know how he is, he knows you'll be fine so he got into his zone, no one can interfere with that. Besides you and Changbin and Jisung." The boy was sitting on the kitchen chair, sweaty dance clothes still on. He was to return to the practice rooms after lunch either way so he hadn't seen the point in changing.

They made some more small talk before it was once again time for Hyunjin to leave EunJi on her own. And exactly in that moment was when she started to regret not making friends outside of idols and trainees. Because all of her friends were now busy, with their schedules and training.

Because of her introverted nature, and even what might be an undiagnosed mild social anxiety, she'd always kept to herself in school, sticking to Jungkook like glue. This, of course, made the two of them closer, but it also made for a lack of friends outside of that.

In conclusion, all of EunJi's friends were working their butts off like she was supposed to at that moment, but unlike the others, she let herself get injured.

She'd be stuck alone at the dorms for the next months or so. That's what she thought at least.

Someone was knocking on the door, loudly might I add.

"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO OPEN THE DOOR IF I'M NOT ALLOWED TO STAND UP?" She yelled from her position on the couch.

"YOU KNOW, I COULD JUST LEAVE YOU HERE ALONE." Jungkook. Of course it was.

With a lot of trouble, EunJi actually got herself to stand up, latching onto any and all surfaces to make sure her ankle wouldn't touch the floor.

"You better have food, because this was definitely not worth it just for letting you in." The girl grunted as soon as she opened the door. She was greeted with big doe eyes and a grin, the boy on the other side of the doorframe actually holding up two bags, which she guessed were filled with junkfood. "Now carry me back, my one leg isn't made for this much weight."

"And my back is? What kind of logic is that?" Jungkook looked offended, but oth of them knew he wouldn't mind.

"Mine, idiot, now get in and take of your shoes." He did as het was asked, toeing off his shoes to the side, before crouching down slightly. "I knew you love me deep down." EunJi giggled, slowly climbing on his back. Jungkook walked into the living room, carefully dropping her onto the couch.

"Of course I do, you're my baby sister." He ruffled her hair to make a point.

"Excuse you? Im older, mind you!"

"And clumsier, how'd you even manage this you idiot." He nodded at her ankle, which was once again up on the armrest, EunJi's head on the boy's lap.

"Ugh, don remind me, it was stupid enough as is. It just happened, I was doing the move and then I wasn't." The both of them got quiet as EunJi closed her eyes. She felt fingers going through her hair, softly taking out any knots that were in there. "Do you like my hair? I'm letting it grow out. Do you remember my long hair when I first came into BigHit?"

"Hm, you we're beautiful like that, I remember other girls being lowkey jealous." He laughed at it, but he was right, it was something that had contributed to her gravitating towards the BTS members instead of other girl trainees, she was really young and pretty when she came in, the perfect option to debut, especialoly with the way she appeared to be improving so quickly. "And then they made you cut it off." A full blown laugh this time at the memories. "I will never forget Chan's face the first time he saw you after that. Man looked like he was trying to suppress any and all emotions in that moment. Of course the two of you are soulmates, what were we even expecting?"

"Did he look at me in a horny way, or in a wholesome way, I need to know for science please Koo." She looked up at him with big, round eyes, making him sigh.

"I don't know, probably both I we're being honest. You looked objectively hot with that haircut, it's sad the fans never got to see it. Bet you'd win every person over so fast. Like Jimin, not even straight girls and gay guys would be able to resist you. Though I think the long hair gives you a certain charm too."

"It sounds like you're saying I'm just good looking in general." EunJi winked at him with a sprut of confidence.

"You are always beautiful. But let's make things clear, I'm saying this as your younger brother, not a potential suitor. I'm really not looking to die any time soon." Both of them burst out laughing, not hearing the footsteps.

"It's a good thing you're not, I think EunJi would be sad seeing her boyfriend kill her last standing guy best friend."

"Channie!" EunJi was about to jump up when Jungkook pulled her back down.

"Sprained ankle." He hissed.

"You're no fun, I just want to kiss my boyfriend." The pout on her face quickly made said boyfriend cave, as he walked up to her and gave her a short peck.

"Did you have to Chan?"

"Hm yeah, that's for not putting me in the groupchat." The youngest of the three smirked at him.

"Why does she get the kiss if she's in it too?!" Jungkook looked positively offended at this point

"Because like you, I'm not looking to get killed by a possessive soulmate, thanks."

"He's not possessive." Now it was Jungkook's turn to pout.

"Whatever you say, bun. The death glares I get every time the two of us cuddle tell a different story though. Can we talk about the fact that you basically both said you'd want to kiss each other, or are we just ignoring that?"

"I said no such thing."

"Right, like sulking for not getting a kiss is not saying you want to kiss him."

"Why are you even encouraging this?"

"I don't know, maybe I like the idea." EunJi shrugged, sitting up properly, her foot on the table in front of the couch.

"You're insane if you think Tae hyung wouldn't kill me for that."

"Why are we even letting her continue this conversation?"

"Oh! Wanna shut me up? Do me a favour, get Tae to come here." A big grin started spreading on the girl's face.

"You know how this sounds, right?" Jungkook started slowly.

"Oh shut up, I'm just having fun. I want him to call Mayke. I can't believe I haven't done this for the past six years, where did my brain run off to?"

"Why is this, so special?" Chan asked.

"She's the biggest Tae stan, since debut too, because I not so subtly forces her, but that's besides the point. She'll freak out hearing his voice over the phone! Please Kook, get your pretty soulmate over here."

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