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"We are pleased to have you here Kim EunJi."

EunJi, she hadn't gone by her old name, Jenna, for about six years now, at least for most people, and she noticed then how much she missed it. In that moment she decided she would make Jenna her stage name, no matter when she'd debut.

It was her birthday today and just a few moments ago she had signed a contract with JYP entertainment. As always, it was for one year, to give her the option to leave if it didn't feel right. Something she had done for the past years.

She had seen it all, you could say. Every different training technique, different styles of dancing, rapping and singing. After leaving BigHit, none had exactly felt like her, like she fit there, without changing herself, something she did feel with BigHit, but that sadly ended. It was better this way, she had become better herself, in so many ways.

But something told her she was here for the long run, not to leave JYP after a year, like everywhere else.

She had been so lost in her train of memories she hadn't noticed JinYoung walking out, to be replaced by a younger guy.

She was snapped back to reality by a familiar face shaking her by her shoulders, careful to avoid skin contact.

"Yah! Noona, snap out of it!" She heard their voice say.

"Oh, Chan, sorry, I was in memories." She smiled, stepping away slowly. "Why are you here?" She questioned getting back on the actual topic.

"I'm supposed to show you around." He grinned, his cute dimples showing.

"Ah, let's go then, I have my stuff already." She laughed back and walked out of the office room they had been standing in. She didn't have that much, a few set of casual clothes that were almost never worn, a fancy dress for rare formal outings and a lot of dance clothes, for about a week or two without washing, since she didn't have much time on regular practice days. Other than that, two pictures and a small silver necklace she never took off, her only physical connection with her best friend half way on the other side of the world, Mayke.

Chan showed Jenna around the building first, before going in to some practice rooms in use.

She was able to see a glimpse of who were practicing, Got7. Uh oh.

"Bambam hyung!" Chan yelled, immediately getting attention from the whole group.

They turned around, seeing Jenna standing there, skinny jeans and large hoodie, the only type of casual clothes she had, backpack slung over her shoulder.

"Ah, EunJi, finally decided to give us a chance?" Bambam laughed at her.

"Yeah, as expected, YG didn't really fit me either. I decided to just finish the big three then." She laughed with a hint of sarcasm.

"Well, you're more than welcome here."

"Hey EunJi." The rest of the group then smiled, they all were familiar, even if she was closest to Bambam and Yugyeom.

"Bye guys, I have to visit other people too." I laughed.

More like, the quicker this is over, the faster I can be alone...

"Twice?" EunJi asked Chan, who nodded and led me away quickly.

"Jihyo unnie! Mina unnie!" EunJi ran up to them, hugging them.

"EunJi! Took our advice did you?" Jihyo laughed.

Unknown to anyone, there was also a female 97 liner group chat in existence. And unlike the guys, they were a bit more lenient on who they let in, the more the merrier.

As long as you were a female idol (trainee) born in 1997, you could be added, if you found a way to get one of them your number. The girls usually added people a few months after debut. Or when they have a lot of idol friends, like in EunJi's case.

"Unnies, I'll text you later, I have to go now." She smiled quickly and went along with Chan to his own group.

Entering the practice room was a bad decision. EunJi was immediately greeted by members running around, screaming, sleeping and just casually being weird in a way that can't be described.

"They really need you here for them to not be a complete mess, don't they?" She asked Chan with a laugh. But before he could open his mouth, EunJi spoke again. "Forget what I said, even with you there, they are a mess."

Time to end the mess.

"YAH! I'm here!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, making everyone fall silent, before running up to EunJi and saying hi.

"That's better. Now, I heard something about a showcase?" She added.

"Oh yeah, that. Yearly showcase is coming up. Apparently it's special, but they wouldn't tell us more." Chan said.

"Maybe you'll finally get to debut?"

"Maybe. For the main thing, there's us against 2team, the girl group." Chan said. They were now all sitting on the ground in a circle.

"2team consists of Sakamoto Mashiro, Hwang Yeji, Park Yejin, Shin Ryujin, Lee Chaeryeong, Park Sunmin and Shin Yuna." Chan summed up for her.

"Where is their practice room?" She asked them.

"End of the hall, left side door." Hyunjin answered immediately.

Time to meet some female trainees.

"I'll go there then, see you later guys!" EunJi laughed and left.

She knocked on their door before walking in.

"Hi, you're 2team, right?" She smiled politely, grabbing their attention.

"Yes, you're Kim EunJi?" On of them asked her, obviously aware of the person they were speaking to.

"Yeah, um, I was um... Trying to make friends?" She said, the statement coming out as more of a question. She stayed awkwardly at the door, her introverted self really showing.

"Well, come in then." The same girl from before said.

"Okay... Well, should we introduce ourselves?"


I will be calling her EunJi from now on, pretty much no one except Mayke, and fans later on, will call her Jenna, so I will call her EunJi too.

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