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Small reminder, May talks English with EunJi, Soonyeon and EunJi talk Korean.


Next morning, EunJi woke up to find more DMs.

Hello, I came across your account somewhere and you said you're a longtime GoldenStar. I discovered EunJi a few days ago and need help catching up. She's also the first kpop artist I found, so I need basic kpop/Korea knowledge too lol
Sorry if I'm being a bother, you just seemed approachable.
I'm May btw.

So like, I was asleep when you sent this, but either way
Hi, May, I'm Jenna
Been there, done that

Kpop can be confusing since it's basically a whole different culture if you're not from Korea
Lemme just write a paragraph

Kpop, unlike western music, works with a trainee system. Children and young adults, sometimes around 9, sometimes older than 20, apply for a company and train for undetermined amounts of time. They get taught in dance and vocal. For foreigners it includes Korean too, while rappers get extra rap classes. A company sometimes teaches foreign languages too, English, Japanese, Chinese or Thai are most likely. When a company finally decides a trainee is ready, enough to form a group, they get to debut. Every album or single after that is called a comeback, no matter the time periods in between.
The big3 are the largest companies in the South Korean entertainment industry. At the moment they are; SMent., with groups like Exo, NCT and RedVelvet, YGent., with Blackpink, Winner and iKON, lastly JYPent.; ft. Twice, Got7 and Stray Kids.
EunJi is of course under JYP entertainment right now, though she has some history of being under many other companies.

EunJi has not debuted yet, she is in a predebut stage. Meaning she is out there, she is set to debut, but has not released an official debut album yet. Her fans are Golden Stars, we pull her towards the top. Eun means silver in hangul(Korean), which is why she is our Silver Star.
EunJi has been a trainee for about 7 years. She hopped comapnies between Bighit, BTS's company, SM, Fantagio, Pledis, YG and finally JYP.
Through that she is friends with a lot of idols, but fans haven't seen much of that yet.
Golden Stars, often referred to as Goldies, are trying their best to be a peaceful fandom. If you see hateful comments to or from Goldies, please do not interact. Immediately report and block them. Antis want a response, it's like their fuel, while hateful Goldies are not something we want to be associated to.

Ooh, thanks girl
This helped so much

Yw, I want to try to help as much as I can lol

Jen, how old are you?

From 1997
20, internationally


I live in Korea, where the age system is slightly different
You are 1y/o when you're born, don't ask me why
You age at new years, meaning before your bday you are 2 years older in Korean age, after your bday it's 1 year

It's confusing af, but I'll get used to it ig

You will, dw
I have to go now, bye

Two people had found her account so far, but neither knew who she actually was.

"EunJi! Yah! You are coming with us to dinner, like it or not." Mingyu came bursting into her room unannounced. He was not alone, multiple voices voices in the living room gave so much away.

"Mingyu oppa! I could have been changing or something! Why are you even here?" EunJi yelped slightly.

"We have a rare free day, so we are taking you out for dinner. The hyungs were complaining about how long it has been." Mingyu explained. "Go change, we leave in 10." After that he walked out of her room, back to, presumably, the rest of Seventeen waiting in the living room.

EunJi could hear the girls in the dorm trying not to freak out about idols in the same small room as them.

Changing into some high waisted, skinny jeans and a croptop, showing off a slight midriff. Picking up a nice hoodie for when it got colder she was done in her room.

Walking towards the front door she put on some black heels, of the kind with a broader heel and reasonable height.

"Ready? Let's go!"

"Weren't you annoyed like, 5 minutes ago?" Mingyu asked, a confused look clear on his face.

"I can't say no to free food, now, can I?" EunJi smiled back at him sweetly. "Now, let's go!"

"Since when do you dress nicely?" Seungkwan asked before Vernon covered up.

"Since when do you dress in anything other than sweatpants or dance leggings?"

"Since I'm in the mood for it. Now let's go~. EunJi whined cutely. She was practically already in the van by the end of her sentence.


I am really super sorry that it's so short, especially because I missed last week, but I was really busy with school so I haven't had time to write much.

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