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When Hyosung woke up she looked around. Seeing an unfamiliar room freaked her out for a few seconds, until EunJi came in quietly.

"Oh, you're awake." The older girl smiled. "Breakfast is ready, come out if you're ready, you'd probably want to eat something before early morning practice." She giggled before walking back out.

Hyosung looked around the room, observing what she saw. The bed she was laying on was cozy, and clean, looking out she noticed she was on the top bunk, the bed next to it was fairly neat, but it did look like someone had yet to make their bed this morning, climbing off she looked at the lower bunk, noticing a neatly made bed. A desk was put up against the wall across the bunk bed, while the last wall had hangers with clothes hanging in front of it. 

Another thing she noticed was that her clothes had been changed, she was now wearing a pair of pyjama shorts and an oversized tee. 

After her short observations of the room she walked out, realising she was indeed hungry. 

"Good morning." She heard a range of voices say before she could even look towards the livingroom. "Slept well?" Woojin continued when she had sat down. 

"Yes thank you. Is this yours by any chance?" Hyosung smiled, slightly tugging on the shirt she was wearing. She only recieved a nod for an answer before both of them went back to their simple korean breakfasts. 

After breakfast, all of them had gone their separate ways, Stray Kids had gone off to practice for the survival show, with EunJi tagging along for safety, while Hyosung went off to practice along with what was left of the female trainees. 

The next day, Stray Kids had been invited to a brunch with JYP, meaning they had to leave EunJi with someone else. 

“Chan please, can you just go? You of all people should know I’ll be fine here.” Chan had been reluctant to leave the lobby after dropping off his girlfriend for the past few minutes. “Chan, they’re like my brothers come on, I was fine here for almost three years, I’ll be fine now too.” EunJi laughed finally, softly tearing Chan’s hand off of her own. Giving him a quick peck she walked off.

“I’ll pick you up tonight when I’m back.” The younger called after her.

“Jungkook!!” Was the first thing that could be heard as the girl ran into the practice room. After running a round around the whole room the other boys were expecting her to just flop onto the ground like she normally would, but she made an unexpected move. Coming around she jumped on Jungkook for a hug with almost full force. Jungkook was obviously able to hold the force, but it surprised him nonetheless. 

“EunJi?” He whispered, supporting her legs and back. 

The youngest was holding on tight, hiding in the crook of his neck with her face. Man, she had really missed this. After letting out a content sigh she spoke up. “Kook, guess what I did.” She pulled back with the biggest possible smile on her face.

“What? Is it what made you so happy?” The older boy smiled back now, assured that whatever this was was positive. EunJi’s response only proved that, nodding her head up and down, shaking her own body with the force. She laughed at him.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone outside this room?” This time, the question was obviously directed at all seven of them, since her voice had gotten louder than before.

“Of course.”

“I got a boyfriend and my soulmate.” A grin on her face. Jungkook set her on the ground, only to hug her properly once again. 

He whispered in her ear. “Chan?” He felt her nod for the second time in ten minutes. 

“Wait, how did that even happen? Both of you were so oblivious just a few days ago.” Namjoon interrupted them.

EunJi released her friend to sit down on the floor in the middle of the practice room. The rest of the group followed her example and started sitting around her in a circle. 

“Please promise you will let me speak until I’m finished. And please don’t tell anyone about this, okay?” BTS nodded in affirmation at her serious tone.

EunJi cuddled back into Jungkook’s side for comfort before continuing with the story.
“About a week ago we discovered a box at my dorm door. It contained a  letter that was clearly from a sasaeng.” As she said those words she saw Seokjin prepare to speak up in worry, but she shut him up with a look that said ‘let me finish’. “Chan and I started making a plan, moving me into their dorm and things like that, but in their dorm we got into an argument. He told me it wasn’t safe for me to be alone and that only a few trusted people could accompany me when Stray Kids couldn’t. I told him I trusted my friends, but he wouldn’t budge. He said ‘It's not safe to be alone, baby’. I didn’t realise it in the moment, only after I stormed angrily into his room for some space. 

“When I had calmed down I went back out to get him to talk to me. Long story short, we kissed. And that was when we realised we felt the tingly sensation on our soulmate marks.” EunJi finished the story not too long after starting since she had cut out most of the specifics. She added, “you are the only ones to know we’re soulmates now, Woojin, Jeongin, Felix, Seungmin, Hyunjin, Jisung, Changbin and Hyosung, a friend from SM, know about our dating, our CEO knows too, that we’re dating and that we’re soulmates.”

Long overdue, but here I am with another update. I will bs slowly working towards the end, but depending on the inspiration I might make spin-offs for the different sets of soulmates, let me know if anyone would like that.

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