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Just before you start reading this story, I have to tell you a few disclaimers.

I do not own any clips or photos possibly displayed, they each belong to their rightful owner, wether that is the idol, the entertainment company or the fan(site).

All of the real idols mentioned in this story are their own person. I do my best to represent their personality and stories as best as I can, but since I am not actually them, there's only so much I can do, so I do take some artistic/writers freedom in that.

There will be no major trigger warnings like graphical things, bullying or anything of the sort, but there might be the occasional minor curse word here and there. Besides that, they are idols and public figures are bound to get hate, so there will be the occasional mention of an internet troll, if you can't handle that, it's best to stop reading now.

If things do get intense I will put a trigger warning there.

Have fun reading, don't forget to vote if you enjoy because that gives me motivation to update; and don't be afraid to comment, especially if you have questions.

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