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After a cute animated intro plays with Memories as bgm, a shot of a bed is visible, right before an alarm goes off. Slowly, EunJi can be seen sitting up. Her hair is an obvious testament to just waking up and her eyes are still half closed, but she takes her phone, turns off the alarm and instead puts on a playlist of not too energetic songs. Immediately she looks more lively. 

The first song happens to be Time for the moon night, so EunJi does the intro choreo while sitting on her bed. Standing up where the choreo does so too. She stands in front of her closet to pick out clothes for the day while doing as much of the choreo as she can. It continues that way while washing her face. 

The screen turns black and EunJi is now in the living room, dressed in dance clothes, making a bowl of yoghurt for herself. 

“I can’t really eat a lot in the mornings. When I was younger I would trick my parents to make them think I had eaten, but I’d generally only eat at dinner, since I was at school for lunch. This was middle school though. When I became a trainee at BigHit everyone really made sure I ate enough to be able to train normally. Especially BTS sunbaenim, since I was around them more than other trainees. Anyway, that taught me to just eat something light for breakfast, I make up for it with snacks in between.” Various songs are still playing in the background while she is talking.

“Right now I’m making a bowl of yoghurt, there’s oatmeal in there and some banana because the taste of oatmeal is gross to me.” EunJi holds the bowl up for the camera and the caption reads, ‘I’m eating well, right?’. 

Next cut shows EunJi walking into the JYP building. She bows to the ladies at the frontdesk, before continuing into the artist part of the building.

“Today is just a practice day. I’m preparing for my debut.” A little happy dance while she’s walking. “Finally. Anyway, I’m practicing the choreography today. I’ll be alone for most of today. Unless some nice sunbaenims come to give me some company. Oh! Stray Kids should be here today too, maybe I can go say hi when I’m taking a break.” By the time she stopped talking to the camera she had reached the dance room and started setting up for practice. 

Suddenly, EunJi's phone went off, what appeared to be about an hour into practice. She walked over to stop the music and then picked it up. Within seconds she was frowning, listening to the person on the other end of the line. She suddenly looked at the camera, her face changing to one of resolution. That's where the screen turned black. 'to protect private information' was shown in bold letters, before the screen changed again. 

This time, EunJi was sitting in front of the couch in the practice room, the rest of the room behind her. 

"I won't tell you any details, because it's private information, but because idols' lives are not all rainbows and sunshine, I will tell you the gist of it."

'Please don't ask further questions' said a caption.

"A friend of mine was dating another friend of mine for the past few months. They weren't officially a couple yet, but they are soulmates. Recently, though, the boy started behaving badly towards her. I don't want to repeat what she told me because those things are private, but I am appalled by the behaviour he has shown. Apparently today was the last straw, she told him not to contact her again.

"It's sad to see such a sweet girl dealt such awful cards by life." Then she went from looking sad to looking stern in a second. "Don't try to figure out who they are. Yes, they are both under a label, but neither of them have broken anything in their contract as of now. And while I am disgusted by his behavior, these events were recent, we don't know yet if he will try to change his behavior or if he can. If he can't, I'm sure all of you will know someday, but not yet.
"If you have anything to say to either of them, do so in my comments. #boy and #girl will suffice."

This is really short compared to the time I left y'all waiting, but I wrote this and just wanted to get it out there, let me know what you think of the format of this chapter. Do you like it or do you want me to go back to the regular format?

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