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"We realise this might be sudden, but we really needed to talk to you about a recent event." Chan spoke up.

"A few days ago, we actually found out we are each other's soulmate. We don't want to break any rules, which is why we decided to talk to you about it. But we really want to start dating." EunJi explained the situation further to the CEO.

"We set up a plan, so please at least take a look at that."

Bang Chan & Kim EunJi dating plan
We propose to start dating officially once this plan is agreed to. We have thought of worst case scenarios and their solutions.

Since EunJi will be staying in the Stray Kids dorm for safety for the time being, meeting up in private should be no problem. If people question it we'll tell them EunJi lives in the same apartment building, which shouldn't be too weird for label mates from around the same time period.

We won't go on regular dates, but if ever comes the time we would want to go out, we will do our best to make it something not too romantic, making it plausible to be just an outing with an old friend.

In case any site, Dispatch or the like, get footage on us and decide to out us, we should have a statement ready. We wouldn't want to cause such a fee on the company, meaning we would be okay with going open about our relationship, in the case where we have no other choice.

Just so that we won't be breaking any rules in our contract, something that might be held against us, we might want to lift the dating ban. We can always explain it under the premise of soulmates.

We sincerely hope you can agree to our ideas, since it would be hard to wait our dating for another 4 years, especially as soulmates.

Every next minute that passed in silence felt like another stone in her stomach. EunJi was about to pass out when JYP spoke up again.

"I get where you're coming from, but you have to get that this is hard to do in a safe way."

Their hearts dropped.

"This is a long way. But, I will try my best to support this. You have to understand that if this was any regular relationship, I wouldn't allow this before the end of the dating ban, but the both of you have my trust."



"You're letting us do this?"

"Yes Chan, you know I trust you, so I will do my best to help you. You have to realise that public dates will be a big no for now." The look in his eyes was serious, they were absolutely not playing around.


They were back in the dorm, lying on Chan's bed. EunJi gave a hum in response.

"Will you finally be my girlfriend?" Chan asked kissing the top of her head.

"Yes, idiot." She laughed pecking his lips quickly. In that moment her phone rang.

효성이💕 it showed.


"EunJi! Can you meet me at JYPent?" The person on the other end spoke.

"Now?" EunJi asked, looking at Chan. "I'm kinda with Chan right now."

"Even better, can you tell me where your dorm is because I want to meet all your new friends." Hyosung laughed.

"Okay, see you." EunJi grinned.

"I guess we should expect company." Chan stated, raising his eyebrow at his girlfriend in a questioning way. 

"Yeah, a friend of SM. She's very persistent, it's impossible to say no to her." EunJi giggled while standing up, making sure they could actually recieve someone in the dorm, living with these boys could be really messy.

She started in the living room, cleaning out some lost clothing pieces that had stranded there. Besides that some random bowls and plates were scattered around. She picked them all up and started cleaning them off in the sink. 

"Boys! Either stay in your room or get presentable, someone is coming by for a short while." She yelled around the dorm, making sure all of them knew about it, making it their problem if they embarrass themselves by coming out of their room or anything of the sort. Since all of them had decided the better choice was just going out in clothes, they could always go back into their room if it got too boring for them. 

By the time all 8 boys were seated on the couch there was also a knock on the door. Chan and EunJi went together to open the door. As soon at it was opened far enoug, a dash of long back hair ran up to EunJi for a hug. 

"Unni!" Hyosung said loudly. "I missed you. I went over to JYP. I didn't resign with SM."

"Really? I'm proud of you. I can't promise you'll debut faster here, but at least the treatment and feeling is a bit better." EunJi smiled. "Ah, right. This is Chan, my best friend here and leader of Stray Kids. I'm so glad you two can finally meet. Chan, this is Hyosung." The two bowed at each other politely before they moved to the livingroom where the rest of the group was waiting for them. 

"Guys, meet Hyosung, we trained together at SM and she just transferred to JYP. Hyosung, that's Felix, with the freckles, 2000." EunJi started pointing at all the members, telling her their names. "The puppy over there is Seungmin, youngest 2000 liner. Jisung, the quirrel over there, is a day older than Felix. Jeongin is our youngest." The boys helped her by smiling and waving everytime she called their names. "Woojin is the oldest and the bear of the group. Hyunjin is older than Jisung by a few months. And finally Changbin, 99 line, a dark softy. We are missing Minho right now, but he is part of our group too, Minho is your age. Changbin, Jisung and Chan are 3RACHA together." EuJi finished off smiling. "Now sit down next to Woojin there, Chan and I have to talk about something."

"Uhm guys.. This morning EunJi and I went to the CEO to discuss something. We got permission so now we want to tell all of you." Chan started with a big grin.

"He's my boyfriend now."

In the exitement, Jeongin, who sat next to Hyosung on the other side, jumped up, bumping into the girl. As soon as she fell against Woojin, she felt a tingle and she looked at him in shock before looking at EunJi.

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