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Hi, everyone!

It sucks that I have to say this, especially since a lot more people have started reading this story in the past few months. But I am going to put Perfect Together on hold for now.

I am writing for this, but it's once in a blue moon and definitely not enough to actually produce chapters, so I feel guilty giving y'all a false expectation that this will be updated.

If you want to keep PT in your library on the off chance I will update one day, be my guest, maybe I'll surprise us both. But it doesn't feel fair not giving a warning that it might not ever happen, especially to those thinking of starting on this.

I love you all and I thank you for the support.

You can find me on twitter @Extra0rdinarYou or on AO3 under the same name, over there I currently have a Taekook oneshot, but it might soon be joined by some other oneshots and shortstories, mainly for Harry Potter and Haikyuu, but perhaps occasionally kpop.


PS: leave a comment anywhere on my twt or ao3 if you follow me, i'd love to be friends

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