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Reminder, bold is Dutch, cursive is English and normal is Korean. Enjoy <3

And once again, they were back to rarely seeing each other. The boys had busy promotions and EunJi was preparing for her debut, finally finished with the songs she could now make, practice and perfect the choreo as well as her stage presence and things like that.

It had been even longer since she saw all of her other friends. Her and Chan tried to take a few hours every so often to just be together, EunJi had taken to getting coffee at Soonyeon's café every morning before practice and Mayke had apparently decided to call every two days to check up on the girl. Those small moments made it that despite being practically alone for most of her days, she didn't feel lonely, she had her closest friends to fall back on.

With that routine she had even made it to the beginning of June. That's when the CEO finally came to check on her progress.

My red hair clips~

Her mini performance ended with that and EunJi standing confidently in the middle of her background dancers. She had gotten assigned her dancers somewhere in May and everything started feeling more and more real ever since.

"I knew I could trust you. You are an inspiring trainee, Kim EunJi. You learned all kinds of different tricks for performing at your different companies and implemented them perfectly into your own style. Lots of trainees would have a lower skill level despite the same amount of experience." EunJi was blushing and shyly bowing at the compliments. "You and Chan make a great pair." As if she wasn't embarrassed enough already.

"Thank you, sir. I will continue to work harder."

"Why don't you go back to your dorm? Put on something nice and meet me at SoulCup in an hour."

Almost an hour later, EunJi had showered and changed into something a little more presentable. She was now wearing a dark blue dress of a soft material, tight up to her upper waist, before flaring out, stopping around her lower thighs. The upper part of the body was made of dark blue lace, making it somewhat see through. The dress was sleeveless. She had let her hair down, putting on her standard jewellery. To even it out she put on some simple black sneakers, to make the whole look slightly more casual.

She took her jacket and walked out of her dorm. She turned around to lock her door before stepping back to turn around, however before being able to even turn around, EunJi bumped into someone's back.

"Chan?" The girl was surprised to be face to face with her boyfriend after quickly turning around. "What are you doing here?" He was normally still at the studio at this hour.

"JYP needed me, apparently I needed to be changed too." Chan spoke while looking at the girl in front of him. "You seem to be dressed up too, going somewhere?"

"Mhmm, to meet JYP. You look good, by the way." EunJi grinned, sneaking her arm around the other's waist.

"You look beautiful though." A peck on her lips and they were off, both of them had long understood that wherever they were going, both of them had been wanted.

They were right, though they had not expected all of what ended up happening.

After arriving at SoulCup, JYP escorted both of them into a car, before getting in himself. They drove a bit before arriving at a beautiful restaurant. It was clearly expensive, but not in a way that made either of them uncomfortable. Despite the elegance, there was a comfortable vibe.

Jinyoung led them into a backroom, to avoid interruption, most likely. Chan and EunJi walked in, hands intertwined, before both of them stopped in their tracks, noticing the other people in the room.

It took a second to register before, "MAYKE!" Her best friend was there. Like, actually, physically there in the same room. Before said girl even had time to look up from the conversation she had just been having with Tijn, she was tackled to the ground.

"I missed you. So, so much." It had been almost seven years since they last saw each other, compared to before, where they would have sleepovers weekly, that was a lot. EunJi wasn't sure how she had gotten through that without booking the first flight back home, she had been really close a few times, but she did. And now, she could proudly stand in front of her best friend, as a pre-debut idol, as a person and as a soulmate.

When everyone was standing again, while EunJi tackled Mayke, Chan had gone around greeting her parents and little brother warmly, introductions were necessary.

"First of all, everyone, meet Jinyoung Park, our CEO. Sir, meet my family. My mom, Marjan," A lady of average height for Koreans was pointed out, her hair in a short bob, beautifully framing her face, "my dad, Peter," a Dutch man, taller than everyone else in the room by quite a bit, his hair was almost completely grey with piercing grey eyes to match, "my big, little brother, Tijn," though Tijn was younger than EunJi by almost three years, everyone could see what she meant, the boy was almost as tall as his dad, with a handsome face and a built body. "And finally, my best friend, Mayke." Mayke was around the same height as Chan and EunJi, but with her blonde hair and blue eyes she stuck out in the room like a sore thumb. For convenience she spoke English.

"Everyone, meet Chan, my soulmate."

"EunJi-ah, can you hand me those?" The girl whipped her head around to find a smug smile on the face of her best friend. "You really underestimated me, thinking I won't be able to speak Korean after so many years." Mayke laughed when her friend's eyes only got bigger as she spoke.

"All of you knew?" EunJi spoke up accusingly, noticing the unsurprised reactions of the others present in the room.

They had been comfortably eating dinner for a while now, everyone talking amongst themselves, they were all getting along greatly and EunJi couldn't be happier with that.

"Who do you think helped her, Noona?"

"You too?! Betrayal!" EunJi sighed loudly before dramatically falling back into her chair, hanging over the side slightly.

"Are you trying to compete with Hyunjin?" Chan laughed at her.

"So what if I am? I got betrayed twice in a row." EunJi sighed out. 

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