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"No way. Chan, there's no way. Right? It makes- sense." She was going to point out ever single reason why there was no logical way for them to be soulmates, but half way through her sentence, she realised there were none.

This was her soulmate after all, they were supposed to match perfectly.

"You don't- Just because of this doesn't mean we have to go out now, Jen."

"Oh my god Chan, I thought that kiss said enough, coming from me. I like you. I don't know since when, but fuck you make my heart do crazy things."

"Can I- kiss you again?" Chan asked in a soft, but clearly relieved tone. In typical Bang Chan style, he had discredited himself so much he had been seriously convinced that EunJi didn't like him, even after the kiss, but her words made him relax slightly.

A simple nod of the girl's head was enough for him to reconnect their lips. This time was even more magical. They were both, more-or-less, prepared this time, immediately melting into it, no distractions.

It had been their first kiss for both of them, making it slightly awkward, yet both of them felt so relaxed. It felt natural to kiss the other, softly pecking, over and over again. And that was enough for now.

"EunJi?" Chan spoke up. They were now seated on his bed. Chan was leaning against the wall with EunJi hugging his side, head resting on his chest.


"Will you be my girlfriend now?"

"I want to Chan. But we should wait. You're debuting soon, you'll get a dating ban, and then half a year later, so will I." EunJi smiled sadly.

"How about this then. The CEO trusts us, right? I say we make a plan. We take care of every possibility, we plan out everything. And then we propose it to him. It shows that we take it seriously and are as responsible as he trusts we are." He spoke with so much confidence, she couldn't not believe him.

"Right. Should we tell the members? Or should we wait till it's final?" EunJi asked.

"It's up to you. I'm fine with telling them now, but if you prefer to wait, I'm fine with that too." Chan smiled, placing a small kiss on her forehead. Finally he knew what her family spoke about when they said she was very dependent on skinship, as for the past hour she had been clinging onto him like a koala.

"We should wait. At least until we talk to the CEO. Though I'm not sure I want to tell them about the soulmate part yet. I love them, but it needs to settle with me first." EunJi made her decision.

"Hey guys?" Woojin's voice came through the door softly. "I don't want to interrupt anything, but I made dinner and we kinda just want to make sure you're still alive."

"We'll be there in a minute!" Chan said loud enough for Woojin to hear.

"What do we tell them?"

"We just talked about what you said, made sure there were no hard feelings. After that you started showing me some things you have been working on, okay?"

"So what happened in there?" Seungmin smiled, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Nothing, we talked about the nickname and then we looked at some things Chan was working on." EunJi spoke up immediately.

"What did you all do?" Chan laughed.

"Woojin cooked, Sung, Felix, Chanbin and I played some games." Minho said. "I'm not sure what Hyunjin, Seungmin and Jeongin did to be honest."

After that, all fell silent, busy stuffing their mouths with the simple meal Woojin prepared.

Any updates the next two weeks will probably be shorter than normal, because I'm in France until the 5th of August for vacation.

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