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EunJi and Hyosung had stayed with Minho at his dorm before EunJi went back to her own to see the rest of the boys.

"You did really well guys, you gave a really strong performance for a first time." She praised, they had all just come back to the dorm and were sitting in the living room. "Ji, can we talk for a second?" She singled his gaze in on the one member, in return she got a nod and he stood up from his position on the ground, his back against the couch.

They went into the smaller room of her, Woojin and Chan before Jisung dared to speak up. "What's up, Noona?"

"How have you been Ji? Since the last time you spoke to Minho, how have you been?" EunJi sat down on the single bed that had been deemed hers lately while speaking. She pulled out a shirt from under the pillow and handed it to the younger after he sat down next to her, their backs against the wall. "His smell is still there." And that was all it took for the boy to press the cloth against his face and for slow tears to start trickling over his cheeks.

EunJi pulled him against her in a hug, calming him down before letting him speak.

"It sucks. It sucks so much that I can't speak to my own soulmate. I can't even see him because of this damn show."

"He came to watch earlier. He was so proud Ji. Soon, you'll be able to see each other, I'll make sure of that. Just keep going for a bit, you're doing so so well and we're all so proud of you."

After a while Jisung had calmed down and EunJi sat him up, wiping away his tears, before she climbed of the bed. "Sleep a bit, Ji, you must be tired now. I'll wake you up before you have to go back, alright?"

Now, Felix and Changbin.

She walked back into the living room, where the soulmates had made themselves comfortable on the couch, Felix leaning against the older male.

"Fe, Bin?" Since the two were the only ones left in the living room besides her own soulmate, she didn't bother to ask them to move. "You mind him here?" She figured as long as the two were okay with it, this did apply to Chan to an extent, why not let him stay as well? Felix looked up at Changbin before looking back at EunJi and shaking his head. This was her que to sit down on the floor in between Chan's legs, who was on the other couch.

"I was at the performance earlier and I just wanted to warn the two of you especially." She spoke softly. "Nothing is certain and I pray to whoever will hear it that JYP lets all of you debut together, but I've also seen the way Minho and Jisung are dealing with this. I'm sorry Fe, but from what I saw, based on today, you are one of the most likely to be eliminated. I just want to tell both of you before it's too late. Try to keep in contact, if you have to, through me. All we can do is hope and work even harder. Fe, keep practicing. No matter what, don't give up. And for the love of god, tell someone if you can't handle it all. I do not want a repetition of today." The boys were listening patiently and one look at her face told them more than her words did.

She hated being in the middle of this. She hated not being able to do anything when her friends were being so miserable and she hated feeling like she wasn't enough to keep them all up straight. But this wasn't about her, so she did her absolute best to not show her emotions. This was about Minsung and Changlix and she was not going to take the attention away from their problems, she had done enough of that the past week.

"Thanks Noona." Changbin spoke for the both of them.

"You ready? It's time to head back to the company." Chan spoke up.

"Let me just wake up Ji, you guys get ready."

As the eight boys went to get their evaluations, EunJi went back to Minho and Hyosung.

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