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"Hello? Jen?" The girl on the other end picked up the phone in Dutch, as she usually did with Jenna.

"Hello?" Mayke clearly got taken by surprise at hearing the deep voice that most certainly did not belong to her best friend.

"Nope. No. Nu-uh."

"Really? It's been six years and you're still this surprised?"

"Hello? I've never even talked to him or seen him in person, idiot! You may be friends but to me he's still an idol." She tactically chose to keep speaking Dutch, knowing the idol couldn't understand that.

"Well get over it because Tae is the one holding the phone, talk to him."

"I hate you. Uh.. Hi? Ah this is weird."

Taehyung laughed at her softly before finally speaking again. "Hm. Hi. We should've met ages ago, truthfully. I blame EunJi for not introducing us."

"Glad we're on the same page."


"Suck it up, princess. All of your friends bond through our mutual annoyance."

"Is that Jungkook? Really Jen?"

"He's the one that convinced his soulmate to call you. Tae oppa might be able to say no to me, but not to Kook."

"Anyone else there to enjoy my embarrassment?"

"Just Chris."

"Oh well, hi everyone." After a short silence she continued. "What have you been upto lately Taehyung-ssi?"

"How about you drop that and just call me oppa like EunJi does?"

The two of them talked for a good while on the phone, with the other three on the side, continuously teasing each other.

And that's how the next month passed by. EunJi did what her doctor asked of her, slowly starting to move again after her cast got removed. Her friends checked in on her regularly and soon enough it was time for EunJi to head back into practice. Her doctor had given the okay to do dancing again so they would be restarting debut and promotion plans soon. Actually, today was the last meeting to confirm all the activities.

"Oh and EunJi! We were planning on filming a reality type show."

"I'll agree to that on the condition we don't change anything in my schedule and you'll edit it in a way that shows the most realistic version of my days."

"We were planning on that, but it's good to hear your confirmation. Our idea was to give you a camera, set up one or two cameras in places you come regularly and give you a small camera crew, we'll be able to capture the most realistic things that way. We'll edit it by cutting out only when necessary and just speed up the boring parts." Her manager made quotation marks at the word boring. "The parts where you don't speak or you're doing the same thing for a long time period."

"Seems good, when do we start?"

"Since you're starting your promotion period soon and you're currently really active we thought starting as soon as possible would be good. The crew and materials are available from tomorrow on if you agree to it."

"Alright, you can set up the cameras today, at around 11pm. I'll be at the company exercising. I assume we'll use my personal dorm? For visits to the boys' dorm we can just use the crew."

"If you can just give us a list of places you regularly visit, we'll put up cameras there too." Her manager took out a notepad as he said this.

"My dorm, Michael Jackson practice room, studio 3... I think that's it, for other places we have the moving cameras."

This is really short, I know. But recently more people have been reading this so I thought I'd let you know I have not abandoned this. I have a lot of plans, but for the next few chapters I plan of using a slightly different format, so cutting the chapter off here seemed like a better idea. 

There's about 3 weeks left of summer vacation so I'll try to write as much in that time as I can, because I'm going to be really busy starting september. I'll be in my senior hs year as well as taking 7 hours of dance classes a week. I will update as much as I can, but please be patient with me on this. 

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