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Hyosung quickly grabbed Woojin's collar, pulling it to the side to reveal his shoulder. She froze, while everyone was trying to take a look at what she was seeing, the first one to see was naturally Jeongin, since he had been right next to them the entire time. 

"So, noona?" The dessert fox grinned. "We'll see you often then, right?"

The rest was confused by his words, but as soon as they saw the soulmate mark, clearly etched into the crook of Woojin's neck, they understood. 

"You.. You're my soulmate." Hyosung uttered softly, recieving an affirmative nod in return from Woojin. She seemed on the edge of tears so the older quickly opened his arms for a hug and she was glad to say she had been on the recieving end of that hug. It was one of the most comforting, warm hugs she had ever had. Like the combination of the strength of a fatherly hug and the warmth and protection of a motherly one. 

"Okay boys! Clear out, give them some space." Chan said to the rest, ordering them back to their respective rooms, doing the same himself together with EunJi.

"We don have to do anything with this if you don't want to Hyosung, especially not right now, but we can at least get to know each other, right?" Woojin softly whispered to comfort the girl in his arms. 

"It's not that, really. I just really looked forward to finding my soulmate ever since I was little and knowing he's one of the idols I like, is just surprising. But we can't really do anything eitherway, right? We can't date, because of the company." Hyosung smiled sadly.

"Right. But they won't forbid us to see our soulmates. As long as we stay friends during the dating bans." 

"How are you so sure?"

"You can't expect me to be the first member to find their soulmate, right, let alone the first idol? I've seen it happen enough, we'll be fine. We should get to know each other before that anyway."

Hyosung was tempted to ask who the other members were, but she knew she shouldn't ask, it wasn't her place to know, even if it was the group of her own soulmate now, those were private matters. Instead, she hugged him tighter and smiled, he wanted to get to know her. 

"So, we asked him this morning with it and he agreed." EunJi had been explaining how they started dating, she was sitting next to Chan, making sure to avoid any direct touch. To the members it looked like she was the same as always, maybe this time she was even more scared to possibly find out her current boyfriend wasn't her actual soulmate, but to EunJi it was the complete opposite. She didn't want to show the members that Chan was her soulmate just yet. 

"See! This is what we mean when we say he plays favourites." Jisung says, pointing at the two of them, lowkey looking offended. 

"It's not our fault the rest of you are a complete mess ninety percent of the time." The girl laughed at him. 

"But honestly, I wish we were brave enough to do something like that." Felix sighed, hugging Changbin from behind.

"Even if he'd trust us, he wouldn't let us Lix, for our own safety." The shorter smiled at him.

"I know, but sometimes it just sucks to feel like everyone but us can proudly show off their soulmate."

"I'm here too, you know?" Jisung spoke up. 

"Oh god, Sung, I didn't even realise how bad you must feel." Felix immediately switched around, hugging Jisung tightly. And that's when the rest realised it too. They had been doing so much that they comepletely forgot about the details of others, like how Jisung was under so much stress already, but when he needed his soulmate most, he was being seperated from them.

In the living room the situation had developed to a game of 20 questions.

"Favourite artist?" Hyosung asked.

"Bruno Mars. Favourite song?" Woojin replied without hesitation.

"Either Wow Thing by Seulgi, Chung Ha, Sinbi and Soyeon or Don't Need Your Love by NCT DREAM and HRVY." The younger yawned. She was really enjoying her time here with her newfound soulate, but it was getting late and she was getting sleepy, she was almost completely lying on his lap, her blinking getting slower and slower every time.

"You should sleep. Do you live in dorms?" Woojin smiled down softly at her.

"I- I do... But they're kind of far." She replied in between yawns.

"You can sleep here I guess. You can sleep in my bed with EunJi in the room, I'll just take a bed in the other room for tonight." He suggested, slowly moving to stand up, but the way Hyosung was hugging his waist made it impossible without either dropping her or carrying her, luckily for the girl, he decided on the latter. 

He slowly put her down on his own bed before moving to the other room. 

"Hey EunJi, Hyosung is staying, but she probably needs some sleeping clothes, do you have any?" The oldest asked, walking into the room. 

"I might, but I don't think any of my shirts would fit her, she has broader shoulders than I do." EunJi answered. "Maybe you should give her one of your shirts." She suggested before getting up to find her friend some shorts to sleep in.

Woojin handed her one of his shirts before leaving the room and letting EunJi change the other girl into the comfortable clothes. "Good night." 

Slightly short, but it was taking me too long to get past 500 words so I'm tired. I hope you enjoyed this either way. 

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