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"Well, I wish you good luck on the showcase. I'd love to join 2TEAM, but it might ruin your shot at debut right now." She stood up after getting to slightly know the girls of the team and making a new group chat.

After once again finding Chan, they headed to his dorm.

"I'm sorry you have to stay with us for now, but since we have the most space... It will depend on how the showcase turns out, where you'll permanently stay." Chan spoke with an apologetic smile.

"Channie, it's okay, I trust you guys. It's not like you are strangers, and you're only with four." EunJi laughed at him, feeling the strange urge to ruffle his hair, not that she did. It was sweet how concerned he was, but she'd be perfectly fine. That's what she hoped, at least.

"We have three rooms and way more beds than we would ever need." Chan laughed. "Like this dorm was meant for Seventeen sunbaenim."

"It'd probably best if you stayed in Chan's room, since you're most familiar with him." Felix said in English, laced with that familiar Australian accent she'd grown to love, as one of the first things she'd told him was to just speak English with her. She missed speaking English with people too, since Chan was fluent in Korean, it was nicest for the other people to just speak Korean.

Felix was right, she had known Chan for about eight years, they met when her family went on vacation to Sydney, before Chan started training. They kept in touch ever since.

"Channie, which room is yours?" EunJi giggled, she loved to tease him with the fact that she was the older of the two, because he hated the fact, even if it was only three months.

"That one." He grumbled, pointing to one of the doors connected to the living room, clearly annoyed.

Mission complete.

She laughed, picking up her bag from the floor once again and walking through the door he had pointed at, flipping her curled, brown hair as an extra, making the watching maknae giggle silently, trying not to anger his hyung.

A truck load of pings, that was the first thing she heard, waking up in her new dorm.

Grabbing her phone quickly in the hopes of silencing it before the sound woke up her new found roommate.

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