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EunJi had been cut off on contacting Stray Kids, the official name Chan had decided on, for a while now. She knew they were busy filming a reality type show with debut missions, so she understood, they had the debut to focus on.

Meanwhile, EunJi had moved out of the Stray Kids dorm too, moving to the 2TEAM dorm, by now Yerin had left JYP. The showcase been her definite last shot, so since she missed it, she would continue in the outside world, trying to get a 'real' job.

A few others were planning on leaving soon too, having to sort things out first or wait on the ending of their contract.

Mashiro, for example, had to get the money together to fly back to Japan, while waiting for her contract to end in December 2017. While Sunmin would have to wait until May 2018, since she felt no need to pay for ending the contract, might as well learn some more things and just take it easy, she was dropping out anyway.

The other four girls of 2TEAM plus EunJi, however, were working their butts off, working harder than ever, seeing how close some are now.

EunJi had opened her twitter account first, waiting with the selcas till she had a bit more people awaiting it. She had started talking with people, answering questions and overall having fun on Twitter. After a week or so she had opened her Instagram too. After announcing the fact on Twitter she quickly had a large amount of followers.

She had built a stable fanbase within a few weeks and posted something everyday, just to let people know what she was doing. Every Saturday, she would also try to respond to as many fans as possible on both Twitter and Instagram.

The first week she had been trending on Twitter too, #wefoundkimeunji had been a whole happening. It didn't last very long, but it did attract attention, causing the follower count to rise even higher.

All the support caused EunJi to be more motivated than ever, practicing harder and longer, both vocally; in singing and rapping, and physically; with muscle exercises and choreographies.

The attention made her excited for what would happen if she would finally debut officially and it had been hard to break her out of that constant happiness. Not that anyone wanted to, on the contrary, everyone around her loved seeing this bright side of her, it made them excited too.

Everything was going perfectly for a while, until one evening where Ryujin came knocking on the door of her dorm. "Unni, Chan is here."

She sounded uncertain, surprised maybe, and once EunJi opened her door she knew exactly why.

Chan looked horrible. He looked on the verge of breaking down, deep bags under his eyes.

She immediately led him to her bed, hugging him, however careful. For a while he didn't say a thing, just silently letting tears fall, so she didn't say anything either, she just let him, he would tell her when he was ready.

"He's gone. It's my fault, I should've helped him. It's my fault we can't stay together." Eventually Chan spoke up, his voice laced with the exaustion from crying, but the way he spoke only made her even more confused. Who was gone? Where to? Why was it Chan's fault?

"Shh, Chan, I'm sure it's not all your fault. But first, can you calmly explain what happened? From the beginning, I haven't spoken to you for a long time."

"W-well, JYP made up do missions, to check if we are actually ready for debut. Everytime, he said who the three people where that were on the risk of elimination, though we all worked harder we kind of just hoped he wouldn't actually do it. H-he did. Minho... He was eliminated yesterday." Chan spoke, he had calmed down, but was now once again at the verge of crying.

"Hey, I know you are blaming yourself, as the leader, but you had nothing to with that. Knowing you you did everything you could to get everyone to debut, I know it's tough right now, but try to make the best of it with the remaining boys. Remember, not all hope is lost, Momo came back to Twice too, we never know what the CEO will do eventually, I don't even think he knows it himself." She spoke to cheer him up, but it was for herself too. Minho was a great kid, he deserved this debut just as much as the rest of Stray Kids. They had to believe this wasn't the end.

She helped him calm down, but inside, he couldn't help but keep worrying and blaming himself.

"Let's order some chicken, for all of Stray Kids, Minho included." EunJi spoke with a determined voice, Minho might not debut, but they are still friends, she wasn't letting some stuck up CEO change that.

"I don't think that's allowed..." Chan trailed off uncertainly.

"I don't fucking care what JYP will say, you all deserve food and I am just inviting my friends. Let's go, you pay though." EunJi grinned, it was hard to see, but she hadn't missed the small smile forming on Chan's face.

Arriving in the practice room there was seven members waiting for them. Mostly the food though, but before they started eating EunJi told them off, saying they had to wait until everyone was there.

A minute later the door of the room opened to show black hair and comfortable black clothes, it was obvious he had remained practicing, even if he was eliminated.

"Sit and eat."

Everyone of the boys, except Chan and Minho, where surprised to see their friend.

"He is here to eat at my orders, I will deal with JYP if he has a problem with hardworking friends eating chicken together late at night." EunJi said, directed at the open mouths and surprised eyes.

"Now, eat, you all need to fatten up. I swear to god."

"Noona! No cursing in front of my food!" Seungmin said, looking fake offended.

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