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Being a trainee was hard enough, being a trainee, jumping from one company to another, made life even harder, but it also had it's fun sides.

Sure, leaving companies fairly quickly, by choice, made her unable to debut alongside her friends, even if she trained for so long and had widely recognised talent. But she had had fun. After all, this was the life she had chosen for herself, to train at a lot of companies, to find the one she deemed fitting for her, all the while gaining a lot of experience and working on her Korean.

She left BigHit entertainment in July 2013, just after her friends in BTS debuted, after realising she wouldn't have that chance for a long time with BigHit, seeing as she was the only female trainee left at the company and they weren't letting any new girls in either.

After leaving BigHit she got in at Pledis, Fantagio, SM and YG, staying respectively somewhere between 6 months and a year, before now settling on JYP in July 2017, on her 20th birthday. The question was, for how long?


So... What do you think? Honestly, I think this will be the first story I'll be able to be somewhat proud of. I hope you'll like it, I'll try to upload a proper chapter soon.

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