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Finally, EunJi had gotten a set debut date; June 16th. She now had four months to choose the songs, record the vocals, film the mv and practice the choreo. She also had to start from scratch, unlike her boyfriend, she did not have 300 spare demos lying around.

She was so very tempted to ask JYP to get her a song from somewhere, but she wanted this to be hers. Her song, her story, her choreography. She wanted to show herself, not someone else's song.

And that's when she got the idea.

Now all she needed to do was work it out. How many albums could she need, could she stretch it to? What were all the things she wanted to tell?

As soon as she had the inspiration she needed she went over things quickly, brainstorming the general ideas for her next few albums, wanting everything to fit together before she put them out there, unable to change things.

The general idea was there and so where the album titles soon enough, now all she needed were tracklists fitting with the album's message.

Besides that, she had taken it upon herself to not tell anyone about the message behind the albums and their songs unless asked specific questions. She wanted to see if her fans could figure it out, wanted to know how they would connect everything, if they got the same message out of the songs, or perhaps another great message.

And that's how she came to practice, diaries in hand and a notebook in the other. Today was about brainstorming; lyrics, melodies, song titles, anything that could help her finish the album in time.

She read through her diaries, searching for keywords that described how she felt and how she behaved when she was younger.

Say cheese, 'cause we're young!

We're still having fun

Make the most of the day

You can anyway~

It wasn't perfect, but it was something. It was a start of a song, even if she would probably change half of the lyrics by the time it got recorded.

She worked on melodies and lyrics tirelessly for the next few hours, at some points she had even noticed herself dancing possible choreos to them.

And that's how the next few days passed by too, writing, composing and fine tuning the songs. At some point in between she'd gotten different inspiration too, better fit for one of the later albums, while she was still in the flow she decided on finishing that, viewing it as a break from the stress and just letting her creativity flow. It turned out to be a record time in completing a whole song for her.

At the end of the week EunJi had finished four tracks including the one for later use. Another she had to record the vocals and the last one was only missing some adlibs. She had discussed with her manager asking him if she needed more, when she got the answer that a mini album should do for her debut, she quickly went on to finish the last two tracks. The next day, after wrapping up, she asked Chan what he thought of the songs. Chan, in fact, was like her test fan.

"Hmm... It's fun, it's kind of pop, but the melodies are soft. Do you have a choreography in mind already?" Chan started off.

"I do, but it's just a few parts, I'm nowhere near finished with it." The both of them were sitting in his studio, USB plugged in to the computer, the tracklist of EunJi's album opened up. The older girl had made herself comfortable in her boyfriend's lap, waiting for his opinions patiently. They had just listened to Memories, the title track of the album Kindergarten. It might seem like a strange title, but EunJi was sure people would get this one and the next if they understood the way she structured all of her next albums.

"Withdrawn? Sounds like a slower song." Chan was thinking out loud before clicking on the next track for it to play.

"I was right. The lyrics are nice. I feel like I'm getting to know the you from fifteen years ago." His left hand was mindlessly rubbing circles on her hip.

"Really?" The boy could see the eyes of his girlfriend light up, he hit bullseye. "That's the idea. I'm so glad you can hear that. It's supposed to be about me, back when I was younger, maybe middle school? Before the bullying started."

"I'm glad, it really shows. So, a shy girl, hm? That never changed though. Remember when we met? You used to hide behind your mom, Tijn though, he came to meet me immediately, he better still be as energetic as back then or I'm hurting everyone that changed him."

"Don't worry." EunJi laughed at him, she knew Chan took a liking to her little brother, but seeing it in action was always adorable. "Mom said he made lots of friends at uni."

"That's good to hear." A peck was placed on her lips. They both had happy smiles on their faces any time they were together and anyone would honestly be stupid to not see it. Chan looked at the next song and just let out a laugh, pulling the girl on his lap closer and kissing her once again. "Affection. I'm glad that I now get to see there couldn't have been a more fitting title to describe you."

Affection was another oft, but fun track, while the last two songs got Chan's praise for being for on the hype and fun side. Red Hair Clips was a cheesy title, they had to admit, but it fit the song so well. EunJi had shown him ideas she had for the performance and he could see it overall just being a stage for her to have fun and express the joys she had in life at a young age.

Finally, the end of March came around. Everyone had been too busy to actually hang out, meet up, whatever. A few weeks ago, EunJi had moved back to her own dorm, everyone had deemed it safe since nothing had been suspicious for months, but that did mean she wouldn't even see the Stray Kids boys at night. She occasionally saw them when they happened to be in the same corridor or lift at the same time, but besides that, they were all just too busy.

The boys were so close to debut and so was EunJi.

"Chris, you can do it, alright? You've been working for this for almost 8 years, you are ready for this, everyone can see it, even if you can't right now. Know I'm proud of you and so is everyone else. Just focus on me, alright?" That is what EunJi told Bang Chan in their phone call right before the start of Stray Kids' debut showcase.

In the beginning he did. The moment they got on stage, the first song and the first bit of talking to the gigantic crowd, compared to their most recent busking event at least. He spotted her quickly, despite the small disguise she had put on. A big hoodie, most definitely Chan's, high-waisted skinny jeans, she had on heels, and on her head a cap, hiding her eyes slightly. But apparently she was already taller than half of the crowd there without the heels, so with them, she stuck out like a sore thumb. Not as Kim EunJi, but definitely as a tall fan.

The fans beside her had recognised the girl, and quickly complied with her request of not sharing her presence, to let her and everyone around them have a chance at enjoying the showcase.

As soon as they started their second song of the showcase Chan got lost in it. He was meant to perform and the obvious support from EunJi and everyone else present in the arena made him get back to that. Him and the other eight boys did amazing. As nine they shone, lighting up the night sky on March 25th, 2018.

They made it to their debut ^^, I'm sorry this update took so long, I actually made a legit planning of all her albums and tracks and that took up a lot of time. Next update will hopefully be faster. I hope you njoyed, don't forget to vote and comment, it gives me motivation to update. <3

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