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"Hell, Chan. I noticed alright." EunJi said, drawing attention to herself. "Chan, can we talk?"

Said boy could only nod, afraid of what was to come, what would this change?

"Today, love." EunJi spoke in an annoyed after Chan wasn't making moves to get up, signaling her head towards his room.

His members could only watch in awe as Chan got up and slowly made his way to his own room as if he was going to recieve a scolding from the older girl.

"Sit." EunJi ordered as soon as she had closed the door. She sat cross-legged on his bed as well. She started to speak quickly, sensing Chan's stress. "Relax Chan, I'm not mad. I can see it wasn't tought out and it just got out unconsciously through your worry." She smiled at her best friend softly.

"What I do want to ask, however, is close to that. How do you think of me? Please answer this honestly Chan, because I need this just as much as you seem to. I promise I won't leave you."

Chan could see it in her eyes too. She looked just as worried and desperate as he felt.

"I- You promise? No matter how I feel, I cannot bear losing you." Chan whispered.

"I promise, Chan. I just need to know for sure." EunJi said, grabbing his hands.

"Her goes nothing. I-I like you, EunJi. I'm not really sure when it started, I've always loved, but I guess recently those feelings turned more romantic instead of platonic." Chan spoke softly, looking down, almost as if he was afraid to be heard.

For a few seconds it stayed silent. Those few second felt like hours and while EunJi was mainly searching for the right words to use, Chan over thinking each of his own.

Did it sound weird? Too clingy? Too lax? Did she feel the same? She probably saw him as only a brother, right? Oh fuck, he had messed up, didn't he. There was no way she could like hi-

The sudden feeling of soft lips on his made all the wires in his head suddenly shut down. He couldn't think of anything, except maybe the fact that his literal best friend for years and crush for a few months at the least was kissing him at the very moment.


Kim EunJi was kissing Bang Chan.


Kim EunJi was what?

That sudden realisation made Chan pull away in abrupt shock.

The Kim EunJi, the girl who was scared of touching people and avoided touching guys at all costs, kissed him.

And what was even stranger. His pinky started tingling.

His sleeve had fallen over his hand somewhere in the last few minutes, but Chan scrambled to pull it up. He had a major suspicion of what he would see, after his friends had described the tingly feeling in detail many times before, yet when he looked at his right pinky and saw the lock that had just formed on his skin, he couldn't believe it.

There was no way. No way ever.

While Chan was looking at his hand, EunJi had time to think. She really kissed Chan. Without a second thought. She had almost literally seen the wheels in Chan's head turning, over thinking his words. She had wanted to make him stop that. But never in a million years had she tought she would to so by kissing him.

Slowly, the girl looked down at her own hand. She hadn't even felt anything, too lost in the kiss and her thoughts. Yet there it was. A small key on the inside of her right pinky.

She wanted to ask questions like, how or why? But in reality, it made complete and utter sense.

"Are they okay?"

"They have been in there for a while now. Shouldn't they come out soon?"

In the living room, the members were all kinds of concerned. If it didn't work out, should they side with Chan who gave them a chance at debut, or EunJi whe cared for them in every second she was awake?


Short update, I'm going on vacation early tomorrow and I really wanted this to end in a cliffhanger so...

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