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"What do you think is holding you back?" The younger asked EunJi.

"It's stupid. I know they won't do anything, they reacted so well to Woojin and you and the others, yet I'm so paranoid, what if I get the same comments as back then? It's not that I don't trust them, I just had bad experiences." The girl spoke honestly. "How did you even tell them?"

"It's kinda sad really. You saw the show right? There was a moment where JYP asked me to rap Sung's part. He held my hand to tap the rhythm in my palm and there was this rush of comfort through my whole body. Afterwards we realised we both felt it and we came to the conclusion we were soulmates. But guess what, a week after, we got seperated. I can't even call or text him, dammit. I sure hope that won't happen to the other two." That's when EunJi realised, Felix was at risk of elimination too. Besides, she hadn't even checked up on Jisung in between all the drama, she wondered how he was coping.

"I'll check up on them soon, they're going busking tomorrow. Should we go watch?" The girl grinned.

"Definitely, we should invite Hyosung to go along too." Minho smiled back.

The next day, Minho, EunJi and Hyosung went out towards {Sincheon} where the busking was supposed to be held. MinHo and EunJi were both disguised as to not attract too much attention away from the boys and to themselves, the wanted to watch their soulmates and friends in peace, thank you very much.

They watched the performance, both with content and worried looks on their faces. The boys were doing great so far, but they were still being judged, so they couldn't relax.

While they performed Yayaya, somewhere towards the end, Felix was supposed to step on the backs of Woojin and Jeongin, but he went in with too much energy, making him unstable and unable to hold his position. He picked it it up as best as he could, but the trio on the side had spotted the judges and they didn't look too pleased.

"Do you think they'll make it?" Hyosung asked worriedly.

"Woojin will be fine for sure, look, he's doing great. Jisung too, they're all doing great. I'm just worried for Felix." EunJi spoke with a frown on her face. She had seen it, she had spotted his mistake and with her experience she knew they wouldn't let it pass, not when the performance has this much weight to it.

"They'll be fine. We'll be fine. We have to be, right?" Minho whispered. For the first time ever since his elimination he had sounded weak, almost desperate. Their debut seemed closer than ever, but so came the possibility of him not actually getting to debut with them. Immediately, EunJi took both of their hands, pulling them away from the crowd.

Once they were a small distance away she took him into a hug, pushing his head to her shoulder and stroking his back with her other hand. "Minho, it's going to be fine, okay?" In the background she could hear 3RACHA starting Runner's High, but she ignored it, Minho's mental health was more important right now than seeing their soulmates perform. "Honey, listen to me. You deserve to debut. You will make your debut and honestly, JYP is an idiot if he doesn't let you debut with Stray Kids, but even if you don't, you'll make it." The older could feel his breathing going rapidly and his tears on her shoulder, but she didn't care. "Guess what, you have me and Hyosung and the boys and, most importantly, you have Jisungie supporting you. He won't leave you and we'll all do our best to ensure your debut with them, alright? Everything will be fine. I need you to stay calm for me. It's okay to not be at your best all the time. Can you try breathing with me? In, out. It's like our dance practices, this time I lead, you follow okay?" Slowly, his breathing in her neck stabilized. "Good job, Min. I know Sung is so proud of you. Let's go home, okay?"

Hyosung had been standing at the side, doing her best not to invade, but she couldn't help but watch in awe at the calmth her friend was radiating all throughout.

This is super short, but I wanted to update, I'll be busy next week, so I might not update before Christmas. I'll do my best to make an ultra long update to end 2019 with, but I can't promise. <3

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