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After months of tension, the news of Stray Kids officially debuting as nine was enough for EunJi to let go. This however, meant that as soon as the adrenaline of the moment disappeared, she got tired, extremely tired.

She got carried into the van by Chan, attached to his hip from the moment they sat down backstage. He had taken notice of her drooping eyes, pulling her onto his lap, back pulled against his chest, head leaning in the croock of his neck.

As soon as it had been time to go he had picked her up, hetting her legs rest around his waist. He had put her in a seat before sliding in next to her. The whole ride he had softly played with her hands and her hair while talking to the other members in low voices.

At the dorms, EunJi went to shower, getting dressed and barely making it to Chan's bed before she felt herself collapse. All the stress and lack of sleep was finally catching up to her.

She barely registered a hand going through her wet hair and a voice, whispering something that had been meant for her ears but was unable to be recieved. She was picked up by strong arms once again that night and put on someones lap, warm chest against her back. A towel went over her head, softly, but still hard enough to have an effect. She smiled tiredly when the situation finally registered in her head. Chan was drying her hair to prevent her from getting sick in the morning.

Surprisingly fans had stayed pretty silent about the after show happenings. It was known EunJi showed up and had given a short speech, but other that that, it was like an unspoken rule between those present to not say anything and let the trainees come with information when they were ready.

That, however, didn't stop the fans that had been there from speculating amongst themselves. EunJi quickly became aware of that fact. She'd asked Soonyeon whether she went to the showcase, when she said she did, the trainee followed it up by asking her opinion, telling her she had been there as well.


The boys performed really well, I'm glad they made it as nine, JYP was right, they look better performing that way.


Then what about EunJi's ending surprise?


I was happy seeing her, she recently told us about her and Chan's friendship, so seeing them supporting e/o is amazing

Tho, they did look a bit too friendly, don't you think?


I mean, ig

They look really close, don't wanna start any rumours tho :)


You're right, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were dating, she just told us she avoids all physical contact and now she's hugging him and holding hands

It's cute, they deserve to be happy



I guess she's starting to get better, she hugged the other boys too

That would be amazing :)


Unnie, can I ask you something? Be honest

Are you Kim EunJi?


What makes you think I am?


For starters, you know a LOT about EunJi, but you make sure to say something like 'as far as we know' everytime you talk about her

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