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"We will start by opening up your own official twitter and instagram accounts. Fans know your name, but other than the yearly post of you switching companies, there is no face to match the name, nor any proof of your talent or personality. So starting with giving you a face, personality and stage name, we will later move on to covers; dance vocal and rap, to show your skills. It will give people a reason to become your fan." Her newly appointed manager explained the situation in detail to EunJi.

"Am I allowed to have full control over the Social Media pages?"

"Yes, we need people to follow you and your personality; not me as your manager, vocalising you."

As soon as EunJi was let off she went to tell all her friends at JYP first. All of them were ecstatic to hear the good news of not only Chan debuting soon, but EunJi getting that chance too.

She had ended her tour of JYPnation with the boys, Chan and friends, like always. They had put on a party with take out food and cola cans, something EunJi had found very amusing everytime she looked at Chan, noticing how he wouldn't take any sips, and when he did, it was on the wrong side of the can. He didn't like soft drinks, but he was a good actor, well enough to make it seem like he was drinking.

After a fun evening she went to bed, the excitement of debuting and stress for whether the boys would debut had drained her of all her energy faster than a full day of practice had ever done to her.

She fell fast asleep, but the words of her manager were troubling her. She had spoken only facts, of course, people knew her name, look at the news paper of a month ago, she had not thrown it away yet, she never did, not until the next article came out.

Mistery trainee Kim EunJi changes companies once again

For the past few years, no one has been able to find out a single thing about the mystery trainee Kim EunJi. She seems to have her private social media pages, but because they are locked those are no help. School records tell us she was at the School of Performing Arts, in Jeon Jungkook's class nonetheless, but since she wasn't known back then and kept to herself, that was a dead end as well.

On the 20th of July 2017, however, it was noted that she once again signed with a new label, making it a total of six companies since she started as a trainee in 2011. This time she signed at JYP entertainment, the only company of the big three she hadn't yet checked of her list.

That was all they knew, what her old high school in Seoul had been and what her Korean name was. Due to her being in the same grade as Jungkook they could probably figure out her approximate age with simple maths too, but that was the end of their information.

The fact that she didn't grow up in Korea, but in The Netherlands, made it hard to find info, adding on the fact that when she did come to Korea, she didn't speak much because of her lack of confidence in the Korean language, due to not using it at home as frequently as she maybe should have.

Her only friends in her highschool years had been Mayke, half way across the world, and BTS, the guys that welcomed her in at BigHit, therefore in Korea, and stuck with her, Jungkook, who stayed the closest by being in her class every day, or every month, depending on the busy schedule after his debut.

While having these thoughts plague her in her sleep, not a dream, but not quite a nightmare either, she suddenly woke up. Opening her eyes and realising it was around 3am, she got out of bed to get some water.

The living room was quiet, an unusual, but not unexpected situation, after the previous day.

Getting water and once again looking at the time EunJi decided to use the situation positively and call home.

First her parents, she had called them sometime last week, updating them on the showcase soon to be happening then.

"Hello? Jen? How are you?" Her mom called out through the phone immediately after picking up, they must've just finished dinner.

"I'm great mom. Guess what? I'm going into pre-debut! I will be an idol!" EunJi replied in a low, but
obviously excited tone.

"We knew you could do it, Jen." That was her dad's voice. They never called her Jenna back home, it was always Jen, it just grew that way. Mayke had started the trend and her family had slowly adapted to it, using the nickname as their own.

"Is Tijn with you guys? I can finally give him the promised concert tickets when I debut!" It had been a long wait for the whole family, EunJi hadn't been back home ever since she left, nor had they visited her either. Training kept her too busy and three, including Mayke four, plane tickets, plus retour, it would cost too much.

"Also mom! Chris is debuting too! Probably even before me! Isn't that great? We get to chase our dreams together, even after so many years. I told you he made his own group, right? They will all debut together."

"Oh? He must be happy! Were is he now?"

"He's asleep mom, it's 3:30am here." EunJi giggled slightly at her mother's excitement. They had all met Chan in Australia, the families had clicked immediately and kept contact, the Kims were always asking EunJi updates on how the boy was doing.

"Then why are you awake? You need all your sleep!" There the scolding was.

"I woke up and can't back to sleep, I'm fine mom." Back home, her mom had been really strict on bed times and she would probably never approve of the fact that EunJi would sleep so late nowadays, especially when waking up after an average 3 hours of sleep.

"Rest well, dear, I need to go, we have guests coming over."

"Bye mom, I'll call you!"

EunJi sighed, brown hair falling into her face. It had been nice talking to her parents, but she wanted to be able to hug them and see them in front of her, she missed her family.

Next up was Mayke.

She was probably going to get scolded because she hadn't called for a few months.

"You idiot! I thought you died or something!" See, there it was.

"Sorry! You know I was busy! Anyways, I have some news!"

After also updating her all-time best friend on her current situation, EunJi decided to try and get some sleep, seeing as it was now 4:30am she still had 2 hours to score. 

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