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trigger warning, major sasaeng mentions of blood later in the chapter

The dinner with Seventeen was chaos, to say the least, but EunJi enjoyed every second of it. It wasn't like she ever had schedules to attend, aside from the obvious training, so she would always make free time when those with packed schedules had some rare free time.

At some point they had started drinking and EunJi was sad to say that she was among the few sober ones. Her, along with Jeonghan, Seungcheol and Chan, who had been babied into not drinking, were now responsible for getting the other ten guys home, one even drunker than the next.

The simplest solution would have been to call their manager, but since Seventeen had a day off, the managers had gotten one too. EunJi's manager didn't work this late either, since she had no real schedules.

Which left them to call taxis, deviding the drunk boys over the sober adults equally. EunJi would be responsible for Jun, Minghao and Jihoon, Seungcheol would take Mingyu, Wonwoo and Vernon, Jeonghan had Seokmin and Seungkwan while Chan would handle Joshua and Soonyoung.

EunJi dropped them off before getting back to her own dorm and packing the last things since she would be moving the next day.

The next day, the remaining girls in her dorm helped her move to her own dorm. It was a dorm next door to Stray Kids, luck, because the previous owners had moved out.

At least she could help the boys quickly now, unlike when her dorm was somewhere else. They could just drop by, as could she.

EunJi was content knowing she was close to her friends again.

A few days a large package was delivered at EunJi's new dorm. She had opened the door to a box, but -after trying to take it in herself- went next door to fetch Chan to help. Looking back on it, it was probably in her luck that the box was so heavy.

"Chan-ah! Help please? A package got delivered at my dorm, but it's to heavy for me to carry alone." She spoke while walking into the dorm.

"What did you order, noona?" Seungmin smiled at her.

"Nothing, that's what's weird."

That is how EunJi ended up with a large box on her living room floor, eight curious boys surrounding it, on a Thursday afternoon.

After excitedly wondering what might possibly be in it for a few minutes, Hyunjin finally had the questionable pleasure of opening the parcel.

Their first reaction was jumping away. In the middle of the box lay a note with a red substance written on it. The bricks holding the letter in place where a logical explanation for the weight of the whole box.

Changbin happened to be the first one recovering from the shock, though he did not let go of Felix' hand for even a split second anymore.

He stepped towards the letter and picked it up, smelling to check if it was indeed blood. Luckily it seemed to be something else; either red ink or fake blood.

EunJi noona,

Now that I finally found you I will come get you soon. You will be mine forever and always.

Wait for me just a while longer♡

"Oh hell no!"

All the members immediately went into panick mode. They started talking through eachother or staring in shock. Only two out of the nine of them were calmly thinking of a plan.

They spoke at almost the same time.

"I will pack my things."

"I will call JYP."

"We'll lock up your dorm."

"Make a guard schedule later."

"Woojin oppa, get them to calm down, please."

"To our dorm, thanks."

And off they went, leaving the seven remaining members in confusion.

"Okay, boys, our dorm, now. Let's move." Woojin spoke quickly, making use of the sudden silence.

Back in the dorm Jeongin was the first to speak. "You all saw that right?"

"If that didn't scream soulmate energy, I'm honestly not sure anymore." Felix grinned, mainly facing a select few in the group.

While they all laughed about it, Chan came walking back in with EunJi's bag in his hand, said girl trailing behind him.

"What's so funny?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, hyung." Jisung smiled.

"Good, because we need to discuss some serious things." EunJi spoke up.

"The letter was most likely from a sasaeng, meaning EunJi is not safe alone. She will live here for the time being, since we are the closest right now." Chan explained after sitting down. "Furthermore, she will have to be accompanied everywhere by one of us, or other friends if we decide to trust them enough."

"What?! Chan!" EunJi immediately reacted to the last statement.

"It's not safe to be alone, baby, and we can't always be with you, especially with the show going on now." Chan tried explaining.

"So all of my friends suddenly have to go through some sort of screening? I trust them all or I wouldn't have befriended them! You don't even have time for that, like you said. Just let Minho take over when you're all busy." EunJi flopped back down on the couch with a sigh.

While she seemed to be holding up well, Chan saw through it. He saw how frustrated she was, he saw the regret in her eyes for blowing up at him, but most of all he saw the tears in her eyes, threatening to spill.

She felt the tears built too, meaning she needed a quick escape, sorry Chan.

"Just do whatever, it's not like you would take me into consideration anyways!" She shouted before escaping towards Chan's room, the room she used before.

And that's when she realised. All the words that were actually said.

It's not safe alone, baby.

Not safe, baby.



Chan had called her baby, without either of them even noticing. Oh god. What where the members going to say? Why did she secretly enjoy this, even if they had nothing between them?

While EunJi was worrying on one side of the door, on the other side, the members had started to gang up on Chan.

"Hyung, wasn't that too harsh?" Jeongin asked uncertainly.

"Don't worry, it's just the pressure of the whole situation, she's fine." Chan smiled awkwardly.


"So, Chan. Baby?" Woojin grinned at the younger.

"I- I didn't say that. Why would I?"

"Don't ask us. 'It's not safe alone, baby.'" Changbin teased.

"I- I did, didn't I? Shit. Do you think she noticed?" Chan was lowkey freaking out, raising his voice slightly in the process.

"Hell, Chan. I noticed alright."


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