Faded // Bang Chan by Freya_5sos
Faded // Bang Chanby Freya
She was the new student. He was the school's loner. She was widely liked. He was misunderstood. She found him interesting. He wanted nothing to do with her. "People...
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Stray Kids || one shots by Eruvin
Stray Kids || one shotsby ᴱᴹᴬᴺ
One shots for Stray Kids; • 99% fluff 💌 • Requests are temporarily closed ❌ • ❝ᶜᴬᵁˢᴱ ᵞᴼᵁ'ᴿᴱ ᴾᴿᴱᵀᵀᵞ ᴬᴺᴰ ᴺᴬˢᵀᵞ❞ -Han Jisung • ❝ᴮᴬᴮᵞᴳᴵᴿᴸ❞ -Bang Chan
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JYP's VNDL by KhandiiKhaine
JYP's VNDLby 아름☆
JYP debuts a group of girls from the Western world in the Eastern world and shakes up Asia all because of a crazy, fly by wind idea.
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Adopted By JYP || Got7 [Completed] by majesticbangtan
Adopted By JYP || Got7 [Completed]by #MajesticTrash
Nina Lee. A girl that had nothing special about her. Just lived in a dorm all her life. Until one day JYP decided to take a chance and adopt a daughter. There her whole...
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OUR LITTLE SISTER//twice X reader//  by twicepinkmixvelvet
OUR LITTLE SISTER//twice X reader...by NoDayeonNoLifeu
Mr.Jinyoung Park chose you to be the little sister of the Korean's Nation Girl Group TWICE Is Y/N's dream going to be the best? Is Twice's popularity going to grow?
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Stray Kids Imagines by Spearb08
Stray Kids Imaginesby Stray Kids
Random Sk scenarios and imagines Requests: Closed [ slow update ] [unedited]
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neverland | han jisung ✓ by castawayed
neverland | han jisung ✓by ^^
"i found my neverland with you." a han jisung fanfiction - castawayed.
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The Bet ~Jeongchan  by Psychoswirl
The Bet ~Jeongchan by ☕
To get out of an awkward situation, Jeongin finds a random picture of a cute boy and claims that the guy in the picture is his boyfriend. Why not? It's not like he'll ev...
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Roommates | Yang Jeongin by sxgarwzffles
Roommates | Yang Jeonginby £ůphøria/Chels🍦
#2 in Stray Kids series Yang Jeongin and Han Y/N are two strangers that end up living together as dormates. What if they end up having felings for each other? Whats gonn...
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Mine | Minsung (✅)  by Smoll_neko
Mine | Minsung (✅) by Minsung hoe
Minho pinned Jisung against a wall, looking directly into his eyes. "You're mine. You belong to me, and no one else!" He said right before kissing Jisung. ____...
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graffiti [changlix] ✓ by peachychenle
graffiti [changlix] ✓by ♣️
[IN THE PROCESS OF RE-EDITING 181202] "come on pretty boy, don't make this hard." in which seo changbin pays lee felix a visit at the back of a skate shop. h...
  • minsung
  • seochangbin
  • jyp
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Sex On Fire / Changlix by ftchanglix
Sex On Fire / Changlixby Mikaela-Rose 💞
Felix is the new transfer student at school. Having been born and raised in Australia, his Korean is not the best. Because of this, he is shy and has trouble making frie...
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•Diverse• || Hwang Hyunjin ✓ by J_Arii
•Diverse• || Hwang Hyunjin ✓by ᴴʸᵘⁿʲⁱⁿⁱᵗʸ
A cold, bitchy girl meets a flirty, exciting boy. Though they have opposing personalities, they share the same dream. Little did they know that the same dream brought th...
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Got7 Smuts by igot7whore
Got7 Smutsby igot7whore
Just Got7 Smuts For Ahgases Who Has A Dirty Mind Like Me : ) Having Either Daydreams Or Wetdreams ;) Of Got7. 7HANDSOME ASS KINGS SHEESH...BUT GET SOME WATER BEFORE YOU...
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DAY6 Imagines by DOntGoSummer
DAY6 Imaginesby mae
DAY6 Imagines and One-shots by yours truly ♡ㅅ♡
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Instagram × Felix | Stray Kids by DarkFluffyChangbin
Instagram × Felix | Stray Kidsby I love my Noodle
Instagram is a nice place to meet people, especially people who like the same things as you, or are in the same fandom as you. But how do you know, if the person behin...
  • jyp
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forever [hwang hyunjin] (completed) by donghyuckchann
forever [hwang hyunjin] (completed)by haechan💓💓
a swaggy rapper falls for kiji, a girl in his class with everything he needed, will they work out? will she fall for him?
  • jisung
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Stray Kids Texts by freckledfelix
Stray Kids Textsby i love felix
highest #3 #felixlee #479 in humor
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snapchat ; hwang hyunjin by softuwus
snapchat ; hwang hyunjinby amegail
❝ who are you? ❞ ❝ just call me yours. ❞ wherein it starts and ends with him talking to her through snapchat. #207 in fanfiction #1 in woojin #1 in minho © softuwus 2018
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Outsider//Minsung by -junguwu
Outsider//Minsungby -junguwu
"Wait, you're a what?" •Jisung, the principal's son somehow manages to fall in love with Minho, the school's criminal• [Cover by @hobify from @kpopsthetic]
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