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Kim EunJi admits to being bullied

In a recent twitter Q&A session with her fans trainee Kim EunJi talked about a variety of subjects, but most noticeably was that she talked about her past. On the lighter side of things she talked about her switching of agencies and her friends in the industry, which is quite the list.

On a more serious note, the trainee also discussed some other things. One fan asked 'Are you clingy?' To which EunJi replied with a minimally upsetting tweet about the lack of hugs she has been getting recently. Her response led to a series of questions.

In one thread, a reply to the question of why she can't hug people anymore, Kim EunJi opened up about her past of being bullied. Starting the thread with a trigger warning she talked about soulmates and believing she didn't have one. She opened up about what seems to be wanting to die. It was quite the heartbreaking thread, but afterwards we were presented with the most heartwarming tweet.

In response to a follow up question she explained that Bang Chan from Stray Kids was one of the biggest supports in that horrible period and that they used to call almost daily. Hearing this heartwarming news makes us wonder how close they are now.

All the amazing responses helped EunJi a lot. People were super supportive of her story and proud that she had dared to open up about something as heavy as that. Chan had sent a message too, showing his support and letting her know how much he hated the fact that he was coped up in the practice room at that same moment. The busking event was the next day and he really couldn't miss practice, especially as leader.

Nonetheless, EunJi was pretty shaken up, the memories she brought back were horrible.

You make me begin~

You make me begin~

The girl smiled before picking up her phone and accepting the call.

"Perfect timing, love." She laughed.

"Jen, you okay? I saw the articles." The voice of her best friend sounded in her ears, it was enough to immediately make her smile.

"I'm fine, thanks for checking up on me. I do need to tell you something, but please keep it a secret, I'll my parents and Tijn myself." The serious tone from her best friend made Mayke worry, but she promised to tell no one. "I found my soulmate. Don't say anything. Yes, it's Chan you can shut up now. Long story short, sasaeng found my dorm, Chan got worried, tried to protect me, we got into an argument, he called me baby, we talked, kissed, hugged, realised we're soulmates." When she finished ranting she let out a breath before ending her speech. "Okay, go."

"You found your soulmate?? Are you going to stop hiding now?"

"I can't, not after I just told the public about my fear, it'll be suspicious. Besides, Chan and I got permission to date, but we have to keep it silent. Stray Kids and BTS know and now you. You and BTS know of the soulmate detail. Oh, remember Hyosung? From SM? She transferred to JYP and guess who found her soulmate immediately, Hyosung. Woojin is an amazing soulmate though, it's clear he cares a lot about how she feels at all times. They aren't dating, but they're staying in contact and I've noticed him smiling at his phone a lot. Whenever she comes over they're just cuddling on his bed or on the couch, it's so cute, but I want to be able to do that too, without anyone suspecting anything. I really want to tell the boys, but so far only my closest friends know and I just want to protect myself. I trust them and I know they'll be able to keep it a secret, but it's something in my head. I really just want to be able to hug Channie whenever and-. You're not listening anymore, are you?" EunJi laughed. Sometimes she just went off in rambles and her best friend would let her talk until she was done. Most times she didn't actually pay a lot of attention, but that wasn't necessary, EunJi just needed to vent sometimes.

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