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In reality, Bang Chan had realised his situation almost as soon as he saw her in the office.

They hadn't seen each other for a while, but as soon as his eyes landed on her he knew. He had fallen for his best friend. He didn't when exactly, nor how deep he was thusfar, but the butterflies in his stomach and the raging heartbeat gave everything away.

It wasn't illogical either; they had met at a young age and would always call, he would often stay up to be able to call with the time difference in the first years. They had been 10 hours apart after all.

Then after he told her how he had been accepted as a trainee with JYP, into the dream of becoming a kpop idol, something they both whished for, she went to do her best to join him as a trainee.

At the time, JYP did not deem her fit for their company's standards, so she continued her search, eventually landing herself a spot with BigHit entertainment.

They met every now and again, but neither had the actual time to hold long phone calls like they used to.

Now that she was here in front of him he felt a smile grow on his face, seemingly without any reason at all. That's when he knew, he liked her. The only thing left to answer; was it meant to be?

"I won't move another step until tomorrow morning!" EunJi groaned to herself in her native language. "Let's get that 3 hours sleep!" She then groaned, not having enough energy to even change her clothes.

By the time Chan came into the room a minute later she was fast asleep, making him smile to himself. She looked so peaceful, like nothing in the world would ever do her any wrong, unknowing of the harmful trainee life in that specific moment.

After changing into something else and pulling her blank straight over her body, he fell asleep too.

Blasting Wake Up by NCT 127 in the dorms on full volume at 8am was the funniest thing EunJi had ever seen.

Chaos was all throughout, Jisung and Jeongin getting scared out of their minds, Felix racing towards the smell of food and Chan coming out of his room, grumbling to himself and smacking EunJi up the side of her head, his hand tucked into the sleeve of his sweatshirt completely.

"Guys, cheer up, today could change everything for you." EunJi laughed at their faces of disgust, how dare she wake them up as abruptly as she did just a few minutes ago.

She had made grilled cheese sandwiches the Dutch way, accompanied with baked eggs and cereal. It might feel slightly weird to the Korean boys, since she had prepared purely from her cravings, which were very western that day, but she knew they would eat it anyway.

Today was the day of the showcase, all of them were really nervous, but no one could top the teams up for debut in their anxiousness.

Backstage was crowded, to say the least, it was filled with trainees getting into their performance outfits, getting their make up and hair done, microphone checks and whatnot.

JYP had agreed to let EunJi do the showcase on her own, at least this time, since the groups were already set.

She would be performing a song she had self written and composed. With the help of 3RACHA it had come out really great. She had made her own choreography too.

It was a calm song with a slightly dramatic beat and a few high notes, overall giving off a strong and sexy vibe. The choreo was flowing for the most part, but there certainly were some fast paced hitting parts, showing off her skills well.

It was just as much a fun song, as it was specifically designed to show many of her performance skills in one song.

The boys had become really anxious after the microphone check, especially with Jisung and Changbin dropping their microphones.

Eventually, though, they got up to perform. They looked great, you could see the fun they were having, even with the pressure, they were watching perfectly, their emotional bond was visible.

The whole performance went pretty flawlessly, except for Chan hitting the stage. The smack looked really tough, but he quickly got up to rap his part, not even a wince or limp shown.

EunJi had performed even before 2TEAM and the Boy Project, as Chan and friends were now called. Her performance had been almost perfect. She had stumbled ever so slightly somewhere in the middle, she was supposed to jump in a circle and follow it with a double spin, but due to too much speed, she stumbled while touching down to the ground after the jump. Nonetheless, she quickly regained herself in a professional manner, not letting anyone notice the mistake she had made.

Finally it was time for the evaluation. Park Jinyoung himself had come up to the stage, starting off with a little small talk about the trainees. Then he continued with the long dreaded, but simultaneously long awaited, criticism, positive and negative.

Both teams in that critical position of chance at debut were getting more and more nervous with every second that passed.

"JYP's next group will be, the Boys Project Team."

Relief washed over the faces of the group mentioned. Next to them were faces of dissapointment, for some this had been their last try, their last shot at debuting as an idol.

But at the same time they looked understanding too, however dissapointed, they could see the same thing JYP had told all of them.

The boy group seemed like one body, moving to create a brilliant stage, even if 2TEAM had all been friends for a longer time, you could see the synergy between the boys very clearly, something that wasn't as strong with the girls yet.

"But we also took another unplanned decision."

Everyone looked back towards the CEO, all had slightly forgotten he was still standing there.

"Something new for our company; we will try a year long promotion period before the official debut. Kim EunJi is obviously ready to debut as a solo artist, but seeing how she has only been with our company for about a month, we decided to try something new." JYP gave a very short telling on their decision.

EunJi had noticed the cameras stopped recording before the CEO made his last announcement. Most likely because this had nothing to do with the debut of the Boy Project Team, at least not in the minds of the audience.

"Congertualtions to the Boy Project Team and to Kim EunJi. To the others is recommended, as long as you don't give up on your dream to debut, neither will we, eventually you will get there. If you need any more motivation, look at Chan and EunJi, both have trained for so long, while seeing their close friends debut, they didn't give up and only worked harder to hopefully one day stand next to them on the stage, now their time has come. Your time will come too."

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