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So, pretty, as always

You can see the hard work, the years of training paid off

She has such a unique way of dancing, you feel every message she tries to delivered

Over hyped

Definitely no waste of all those trainee years

She isnt even pretty, and super talentless, how people are so blinded?

I hope her vocals are on the same level, a definite stan here

Reading the reactions to her first dance cover EunJi smiled, a lot of people loved the dancing and she was glad she hadn't trained for almost 7 years for no reason.

But at the same time, she couldn't ignore the hate comments, no matter how hard she tried. She knew it was only a small percentage, but sometimes the negative drown out the positive.

Her years of being bullied in middle school and the start of high school came back to her. The foul words, saying she didn't have a soulmate, that she was faking her soulmate tattoo, why would it ever be in such a weird spot?

EunJi's soulmate birthmark was indeed in a strange place. In the palm of her right hand, on the lower part of her pinky.

It had turned the final purple colour in the year she turned 18, meaning her soulmate was from 1997. She was happy that she wouldn't have to wait a few years for her mark to finally turn that dark purple colour, nor did she have to let anyone else wait. Now, it was only a matter of finding the person.

She was scared though, the bullying had eventually led her to believe that she indeed didn't have a soulmate, or she would never find them.

So she hid herself, desperate to actually find the one she was destined to spend her life with, not touch them somewhere in a crowded place and not be able to find them once again.

It made her crazy, not being able to hug people as much as she wanted too, she was a real hugger before all of this, always leaning on people, hugging people, sitting on Mayke's lap. Everyone she was close with before high school had experienced it. They secretly missed it too, EunJi's warm hugs, no matter how much they nagged at her when she was younger, they missed the sense of familiarity.

But she refused, the bullying had made her too anxious, they had left a prominent scar on the inside, one that would only start to heal once she could settle down and be together with her soulmate.

It's why the only skin she didn't constantly cover was her face. She'd wear jeans or dance leggings, paired with socks just high enough to cover all of he ankles, hoodies or long sleeved turtlenecks, and skin-tight gloves. When the weather didn't allow that, she opted for shorts with tights underneath, paired with thin, long sleeved shirts.

She was careful around boys, never hugging them.

She felt a tissue, very carefully touching her face, indicating another presence in the room. It shook her out of thoughts, slightly panicking, until she noticed who the hand belonged to. Ryujin was sat before her, looking at the older girl in worry and a tinge of pity.

That was when EunJi noticed her face was wet from unnoticed tears that had been streaming down her face. The bad memories had brought her in such a state of mind, she hadn't even noticed she started crying, even when the others had sent Ryujin, her roommate to check up on EunJi.

"You'll tell us if something is wrong, right? We might be younger than you, but we can help." The girl in front of her smiled softly, sitting down next to EunJi with an arm around the latter's shoulders.

"Yeah, just memories of home." The brunette smiled sadly. It wasn't a lie, but it did make it seem like she was just missing her family, instead of falling back into a cycle of getting hated and hating herself. And that's what Ryujin believed.

"It must be hard, not seeing your family and friends for so long. I have been here for only a few years and I already hate it. But you'll get to debut soon. You will be able to visit them, right? Since you don't have to fight for that debut anymore, just practicing for comebacks."

"The debut is probably still a year away, though, and I will only be able to slow down slightly if I have made a name for myself. My debut could be a total flop. What if I don't get enough comebacks for a strong fanbase, like Jimin unni?" EunJi spoke out her worries.

"Then we'll be here to support you." A male voice spoke up from the direction of her doorway. Looking up she saw Stray Kids, but as eight people. It had been Woojin, speaking that sentence, but they all nodded their head in agreement. "All of Stray Kids, Minho included."

"And all of JYPnation, SMtown, YGfamily, BigHit, Pledis, Fantagio and whoever else you made friends with over the years. You have to realise that, Noona, we all have your back, we always do." Chan said, a smile lingering on his face, but a serious look in his eyes. He needed her to believe in him, at that moment, just like how he believed in her, he hated seeing her so worn down, so hopeless.

"Thanks Chan." The girl smiled weakly, before changing her face to hide the pain, a strong smile on her face. "Why are you here?"

"JYP wanted to meet you. We just came from meeting him, so he sent us to get you." Hyunjin explained.

"I'll go there soon then. Please, leave the room so I can make myself look normal without you making me awkward." She laughed out, trying to change the mood to a light one.

As soon as the boys left for the living room, EunJi changed into some training clothes in which she could show herself to the CEO.

After getting ready, all 15 of them; Stray Kids, EunJi and the remains of 2TEAM, left for the JYPE building.

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