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The next day came quickly after their comfortable night together. EunJi had stayed the night at the Stray Kids dorm, which is where she woke up. Comfortably in Chan's arms, looking straight at a pair of doe eyes.

Doe eyes? The realisation makes her jump a bit, before whispering, not wanting to wake up her boyfriend. "Ji, what's up, why were you so close?"

"We have to leave, practice starts in 30. It's still weird to see you, how do i say this, touching a male?" EunJi had to really try hard not to burst out laughing at the way the younger boy struggled to put his thoughts into words. "That sounds weird but you get what I mean."

"I do Ji, don't worry. Well, to be honest this is the way I am naturally, I really missed clinging onto people." A small giggle escaped the both of them before they got back into action.

"Can you get Chan some breakfast? I'll wake him up."

As soon as the smaller left, she turned around, her movement stirring Chan. "Baby? You have to wake up, you have early morning practice today." The sentence was paired with a kiss on the cheek to assure he would wake up.

His eyes opened and she pecked him once again, on the lips this time, before moving out of the bed to change.

Today's outfit was simple, but stylish. She recently went shopping with Jimin, because the lack of clothes EunJi had was bothering the other girl. The trainee was wearing a set of wide, high-waisted dance pants and a short sleeved, cropped top, finished off with some sneakers. Her outfit today was completely black, including the bomber jacket she wore over it.

While she was tying her hair up in a high ponytail she could feel strong arms sliding around her waist from behind. "You look good." She could feel his lips on her neck for a short second, proving his point.

"That's the idea, I'm glad it turned out nice." She turned around in his arms to kiss him. It lasted a few seconds before she pulled away and started shooing him off. "You're supposed to be at practice in 20, Ji made you breakfast, go eat." As soon as he left she turned around to look at the small mirror Minho had put on the desk in their room, applying light makeup, since she was feeling in the mood today. After taking a few water bottles and her phone with her she went off to the practice rooms, the boys had left about five minutes ago but that was fine with her, it gave her the change to take her time on the way to the company. The weather was getting really nice again and the sun on her skin always made her feel happy, exactly the reason she could be spotted not even two minutes after leaving the dorms, her jacket long taken off and casually tied around her waist.

Days and weeks went by, and every day, EunJi would wake up early, practicing tirelessly until late at night, perfecting her mistakes and flaws. Eventually, months passed too. Days got longer, the sun felt hotter on her skin. Spring passed and summer was ready to take over.

Her health had always been a big point for EunJi. When she was younger, it wasn't like she had any eating disorders ot things of the sort, but she refused to eat or prepare lunch in the mornings, claiming it made her sick at the thought alone. Not completely unexpected, the result of this was that she was underweight for a big part of her childhood. All this started finally getting better when she made herself the dream of being an idol.

For loads of people that might sound strange, normally idols and trainees lose weight, instead of gaining it. But before EunJi had even auditioned she began practicing her dance more. Looking into a wall of mirrors for hours on end every day confronted her with how unhealthy she really looked and she set her own goals. She would do her best to keep up a good health, whether that was her weight, her skin or her muscles.

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