groupchat ♦ svt by -kimmingyu
groupchat ♦ svtby m
13 crackheads 1 chat
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Lost Photo {Seventeen FanFic} #Wattys2017 by officiallytricia
Lost Photo {Seventeen FanFic} trixia♡
Her name is Park Nari but people know her as AndreaVlogs, a famous youtuber from New York Nari grew up with her best friend Hansol but they were separated at a young age...
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Falling For S.Coups ✔ by _WONGGUCCI_
Falling For S.Coups ✔by Teresa
You're Jeonghan's younger sister who just move to Korea. Your love life was nothing but one-sided, but will meeting S.coups change that. Will falling for him turn out th...
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• Broken Pieces • || Seventeen Hoshi  by MinScarlet
• Broken Pieces • || Seventeen Scarlet Lee
"Who are you?"- Hoshi. Yoon Nari might not be the typical girl you always found because she never thought something like this will happen to her. "You're...
  • lovestory
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camboy  by 6applemint
camboy by <3_<3
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Snapchat. // [Vernon x Reader] by rainhui
Snapchat. // [Vernon x Reader]by rainhui :)
"I like you Y/N." One day, you accidentally add Vernon from the K-pop group, Seventeen, and to your surprise, he adds you back! You start talking and you guys...
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The Supposed 8th Member (BTS FanFiction) by YouTubeTrashForever
The Supposed 8th Member (BTS Ame
Lee Minji, better known as JiJi, is a 22 year old kpop idol. She's the 8th member of BTS. However, she's the outsider. BTS often forget JiJi is even there. She receives...
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Sugar Free - Soonhoon by Thicc-Chan
Sugar Free - Soonhoonby — SINGULARITY
"please Soonyoung please", Jihoon cried out as Soonyoung avoided the one place he wanted to be touched. "uh uh thats not my name baby boy", Soonyoung...
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SEVENTEEN | Imagines by 17caratcarrots
SEVENTEEN | Imaginesby Minghao's Frosted Tips
contents: copious amounts of fluff + a dash of auSVT + plenty of you {Reader + SEVENTEEN} *posted also on aff*
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Sleepover Club (seventeen x reader) by sunnysicheng
Sleepover Club (seventeen x reader)by sunnysicheng
"I swear upon the name of The Sleepover Club and stand by the rules of: 1. Be honest 2. Don't invite people into the club without permission from ALL THE MEMBERS! 3...
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Blood Lust [MEANIE/MINWON] by TokkiLover
Blood Lust [MEANIE/MINWON]by Yana
Mingyu can't control his thirst for blood, his cold heart never wavers on human asking for mercy until he crosspaths with a suicidal boy named Jeon Wonwoo who wants to d...
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Dino's Twin? (Seventeen Imagine) by soongyu
Dino's Twin? (Seventeen Imagine)by kwon gyu 🌻
Lee Chan or his stage name (Dino), and Lee Daea already reached the age of 17,their parents said,Dino must take his twin sister to SEVENTEEN dorm while they're not here...
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Unexpected Love |Joshua-SVT [Completed ✔️] by MandyLow5
Unexpected Love |Joshua-SVT [ kpop_4lifee
"He keeps stealing my food!" Jiyeon grunted in frustration. "Like how I stole your heart?" Joshua raised and eyebrow and smirked before stuffing my e...
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trapped inside; seventeen by svtsoverdonewithyou
trapped inside; seventeenby YMMD
"I was hoping that big rat over there would be first to drop dead" in which 13 teenage boys go through a bunch of shit with each other while clumsily getting s...
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paring: Hong Jisoo / Joshua x reader genre: smut, innocence, corruption, sexual predator, seducing, going against morals summary: A recorded list of incidents of you cor...
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Life As An Kpop Idol by KpopFF03
Life As An Kpop Idolby J
Y/n is a Talented, Sweet-Loving Girl that is loved by everyone. She was born in England and had travelled to Korea to visit her Dad that had a successful bussiness, Her...
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being seventeen's little sister • seventeen by -ellesthetic
being seventeen's little sister • 『addy』
ー what will happen if the sister of Joshua Hong, member of the famous K-POP boy band Seventeen, was forced by her parents to fly to Korea and live with her brother and h...
  • jeonghan
  • comedy
  • joshua
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Lustful Innocence | Verkwan | by YourThursdayLovin
Lustful Innocence | Verkwan |by Jongbae
He smelt like vanilla He tasted like buttercream. He was as soft as cotton, and he was all for me. A secret desire, a secret lust, only a secret kept between us. If any...
  • seventeen
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SUN-HI | SEVENTEEN 14TH MEMBERby beautifullytragic
imagines [✓] requests [✓] texts [✓] scenarios [✓] preferences [✓] smut [×] ships [✓] other groups/artists [✓] noona [✓] maknae [×] female member [✓] albums [✓] 5/22: #24...
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kpop smuts! {requests closed} by itzmehliz
kpop smuts! {requests closed}by e l i z a a🌼 💚
hey you! ever think about having a steamy encounter with your ultimate bias? probably not, but you should still read this book!! [requests are currently closed, will reo...
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