Thirteen Wishes • svt by _SoonJi_
Thirteen Wishes • svtby 이민정
Highest rank: #449 in fanfiction (May 23, 2018) "It hurts being alone..." she said sadly, but her lips held a gentle yet painful smile "But you're not al...
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Seventeen's Sex Slave | SVT Fanfic/Smut. by ImTooHot2Die
Seventeen's Sex Slave | SVT 💞Safe Haven🏰
Highest ranking: #6 ~ (seventeen) Highest ranking: #2 ~ (svt) Highest ranking: #44~ (slave) Your life was fairly average. You had a nice job as a waiter and your own a...
  • kwonsoonyoung
  • slave
  • junwenhui
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Neko Neko  by magicalfantasies537
Neko Neko by #Bemagical
Jihoon, is a fluffy cat hybrid. I repeat; Cat hybrid. These are extremely rare and its no wonder with their looks and magical index being right up with the fairies. And...
  • jun
  • nekoneko
  • joshua
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Life As Mingyu's Little Sister (Seventeen's fanfiction) by _PandaBel_
Life As Mingyu's Little Sister ( A.Bel.
Being Mingyu's Little Sister, having a new family. Is it good or is it bad?
  • kpop
  • kpopfanfic
  • fanfiction
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Our Little Sister ; SEVENTEEN by Dark_Angel_070
Our Little Sister ; SEVENTEENby ʝσу❦
Yoon Hyo Ri. She is mostly called "Miss Rapper" in her school because whenever there is some programs, she'll be rapping on stage. Her friends even told her to...
  • woozi
  • joshua
  • seungkwan
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13 & 1 ( SEVENTEEN fanfiction ) COMPLETED ✔ by germgyu
13 & 1 ( SEVENTEEN fanfiction ) 「 hiatus. 」
When Oh Yun Hye ran out from her house and met Seventeen. She became their assistant and start an extraordinary love story. - COMPLETED #1 in mingyu
  • joshua
  • dino
  • seventeen
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Kpop memes by MidnightsFlame
Kpop memesby MidnightsFlame
This is literally what the title says, it's full of the kpop memes. Mostly BTS but others will be thrown is as well. I don't know how many people actually care abou...
  • bts
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SEVENTEEN | Imagines by 17caratcarrots
SEVENTEEN | Imaginesby Minghao's Frosted Tips
contents: copious amounts of fluff + a dash of auSVT + plenty of you {Reader + SEVENTEEN} *posted also on aff*
  • imagines
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Seventeen Smuts and Imagines by Soonhoon_chimchim
Seventeen Smuts and Imaginesby Soonhoon_chimchim
{Requests Closed} May I present...Seventeen Smuts and Imagines! Like my previous Smuts and Imagines, this will have a fluff and smut of each member, but I take requests...
  • wonwoo
  • smutseventeen
  • mingyu
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snapchat ー junhao [ ✓ ] by DREAMYHAO
snapchat ー junhao [ ✓ ]by aimee !
junhui finds a pretty boy on Snapchat named minghao and he convinces himself he needs to befriend him © 2018 VIOLETKHG
  • xuminghao
  • junhui
  • jun
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REACTION┆反应┆ SEVENTEEN by boovely-
REACTION, 反应. Compilation of scenarios, imagines, wwyd's, texts and reactions of our one and only favorite boy group Seventeen! ©boovely-
  • dino
  • minghao
  • seventeen
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Kpop & Cpop Heavy Smuts by TaeandShua
Kpop & Cpop Heavy Smutsby Mackenzie and Emma ;)
aihdfuadf you know ;) --- I take requests ! but don't type them in the comments please ! pm me !
  • straykids
  • got7
  • sf9
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Instagram 2.0 ➺ satzu by forsapphire
Instagram 2.0 ➺ satzuby 👽
"It's you, it's been you for too long" Date started : September 09, 2018 Date ended : xxx Contains Matured Content #1 English Tag
  • instagram
  • wattys2018
  • tzuyu
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✓ The Girl Member ↠ 《Book 1 | Completed》 by leandraw07
✓ The Girl Member ↠ 《Book 1 | leandraw07
[A/N]: My first ever book, apologies if most of these chapters make you want to cringe and die in a hole due to how horrible they are... ...
  • kpop
  • brother
  • pledis
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I'M the idol? | Reader x BTS x EXO x SEVENTEEN by KpopMyJams
I'M the idol? | Reader x BTS x KpopMyJams
"I only wanted to see my Idol. Not become one." (Y/N) was a K-Pop fan, not a big deal. You get them here and there. Her best friend Joy wanting to become an id...
  • readerxkpop
  • readerxk-pop
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K-POP/Hip-Hop Interracial Imagines by Kpop_Bias1
K-POP/Hip-Hop Interracial Imaginesby kpop_bias1
No description needed. The title is pretty explanatory. Start- November 26, 2017 (One day after I became a fan)
  • ambw
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  • blackwomen
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Melanin Wishes, Melanin Kisses. ?
  • ambw
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grind • mingyu x wonwoo by abnegative
grind • mingyu x wonwooby abnegative
[ongoing] SMUT - Wonwoo is bored. Bored with everything in his mundane life. But everything changes when a drunken binge leads him to a strip club called Grind where he...
  • junhao
  • svt
  • seoksoo
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beanie // CHANGLIX by -hanjisung
beanie // CHANGLIXby lix ♡
Changbin feels attracted to the newly hired barista who always wears a beanie at a cafe he's a regular at. "Welcome to B'Chill Cafe. May I take your order?" &q...
  • leeknow
  • chan
  • jisung
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Kpop Imagines |REQUESTS CLOSED| by Tiger_Ghost
Kpop Imagines |REQUESTS CLOSED|by Nicole 🍑
Imagines for any members of any groups. Requests are closed for now for the month of October. If you have any questions please DM me ♡
  • kpop
  • nct127
  • vixx
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